Pfizer release Swedish Viagra report

Pfizer have released a report about impotence among Swedish men. It is one of the largest ever stu.. 

£1 million of fake Viagra tablets sei..

Thousands of fake Viagra tablets were seized at Heathrow airport over the last 3 months, officials.. 

Britain’s booze culture is fuelling ..

Overdrinking in Britain is fuelling the national obesity crisis, with 1 in 4 people drinking more .. 

Herpes virus could lead to future drug..

Experts believe that a rare, but dangerous, reaction to a range of medications could be the result.. 

Hair loss playing part in ‘male meno..

Experts believe that the male menopause is affecting many men. Doctors have stated that hair loss .. 

Breast cancer risk gives women extra r..

A new study has revealed a direct link between breast cancer and nicotine. The findings add to the.. 

Viagra a day can keep the doctor away

Viagra has helped many men combat erection problems. The use of Viagra to treat other conditions h.. 

Should there be an obesity tax?

A report looking into the future of healthcare in Britain has suggested levying penalties imposed .. 

Ne-yo went bald at 13

Ne-Yo has confessed that he started to go bald at the age of 13. 

Viagra movie trailer released

A trailer for Love And Other Drugs, a film about Viagra, has been unveiled. The movie examines sal.. 

Smoking ban set to hit Japanese McDona..

The McDonalds restaurant chain is set to implement new laws that will see smoking banned at many o.. 

Jamie Oliver urges more school meal fu..

Jamie Oliver is asking ministers to increase funding for school dinners. New figures show 320,000 .. 

Smoking around children labelled ‘ch..

Parents who smoke around their children are putting their kids at such dangerous risk that it shou.. 

'Penis doctor’ goes international

A US penis surgery specialist is extending his services to Australia. Dr Paul Perito has been desc.. 

Man sues ex-wife for defaming his manh..

A Indian woman who divorced her husband because he was impotent has been made to pay him compensat.. 

Billie Piper in smoking controversy

Anti-smoking campaigners have criticised Billie Piper for smoking in the presence of her 21 week o.. 

Swine flu vaccines to be destroyed

Around a quarter of all American swine flu vaccines are to be destroyed due to the treatments expi.. 

Council accused of double standards ov..

Bornemouth council has been accused of hypocrisy over the case of a Viagra-related email. 

Neck size an indicator of weight issues?

Doctors have revealed the neck size to be an indication of weight problems. 

Is Tyra Banks' weight loss cause for c..

The America's Next Top Model host appeared looking very thin when she arrived at Heathrow airport ..