Our partner Medical Team

Our partner medical team consists of UK doctors, qualified pharmacists and experienced medical advisors to ensure you get the best possible healthcare

Dr Hilary Jones

Independent Medical Adviser

Vijay Patel

Head Pharmacist

Monika Olejniczak


Dr Hilary Jones

UK GMC Registration Number: 2298102
Position: HealthExpress Independent Medical Adviser

Dr Hilary Jones has over 35 years' experience as a medical professional since qualifying at the Royal Free Hospital in London in 1976. Since then, Dr Hilary has gone on to become a household name in the UK, having become the health and medical advisor on GMTV in 1993 and continuing this role on Daybreak to the present day. He has also presented educational television programmes relating to medicine and healthcare, and has written a number of books on these subjects.

Dr Hilary is working with HealthExpress in an advisory capacity, and as such does not interact directly with patients.

Our partner doctors are qualified EEA doctors. To provide continuous support doctors are also contracted alongside the doctors above.