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Micronor is a low dose contraceptive pill otherwise known as the 'mini pill' that is well tolerated and is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy[1]. This contraceptive method can also help alleviate other symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle including cramps and irregular bleeding. You can buy Micronor pill packs here online after taking our free online consultation which only takes a few minutes. Your pill pack delivered via our free next working day delivery service (same day if within London) when ordered before 4.30pm.

This brand of contraceptive pill has been discontinued by the manufacturer and the production has been stopped. If you're unsure about alternatives to this pill, we advise you to consult your doctor for an ideal substitute. If you have already spoke to your doctor, or know another contraceptive you are satisfied with, you can select the pill here to head back to the list on our main condition page.
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What is Micronor?

Micronor is a low dose 28-day oral contraceptive that is highly effective at protecting against pregnancy. It's known as the 'mini-pill' because it is a progestogen only contraceptive (POP). Micronor mini pill does not contain any synthetic oestrogen and is often recommended to women with a low tolerance to the hormone, or to women who are breastfeeding. It may also be a more suitable choice for older women, smokers, and sufferers of heart disease and blood clots.

This Micronor mini pill works in two ways to protect against pregnancy. The artificial progestogen (norethisterone), similar to the natural progestogens produced by the body, is present in this medication. This causes vaginal fluid to thicken, so that sperm cannot pass through the vagina, and enter the womb.[1]

This then ensures that successful fertilisation of an egg is highly unlikely. It also changes the quality of the womb lining (endometrium), so that eggs can't attach themselves and grow.

Also, norethisterone can prevent the release of an egg from the ovaries, however this might not occur in all women who use Micronor.

When used correctly, this method means you have near complete protection against pregnancy.

What are the benefits of the Micronor?

When taking Micronor, you can experience a variety of benefits.

  • Micronor mini pills can provide you with instant protection against pregnancy if taken just after ovulation, on the first day of your period. If taken later, they will take seven days to become active.
  • Mini pills contain no synthetic oestrogen, which makes them ideal for women who cannot take pills containing this hormone.
  • Micronor is also a better choice for older women, smokers, sufferers of heart disease and blood clots, as well as those whose blood pressure may have risen whilst taking oral contraception.
  • This medication can also be used by women who are breastfeeding.
  • Women who cannot take treatments containing oestrogen can take the Micronor pill.
  • Micronor is a highly reliable contraceptive that has shown, in clinical studies, that it may reduce your risk of cancer of the ovary and womb, if used long-term.

How to take Micronor?

Mini birth control pills should be taken for the full 28 days of your menstrual cycle, this has the benefit of being easier to remember. These tablets should be taken orally.

  • Take Micronor at the same time every day for 28 days; each blister pack has the days clearly marked to keep track.
  • Continue your next blister pack without a break. Repeat this process until you no longer wish to be protected.
  • Some women experience a bleed similar to a period and some don't.
  • It can be taken up to three hours late if you forget to take it at your usual time and be fully effective.
If not taken on the first day of your period, use condoms for the following seven days. Take each pill around the same time every day for maximum effectiveness. Many women set an alarm to remember their next dose. Each Micronor pill can be easily swallowed with or without drink and food. Store away from direct sunlight and under the temperature of 25°C. Double check the expiry date and patient leaflet regarding use and missed pill if unsure.

What if I miss a Micronor pill?

Missing a Micronor pill can happen and the timeframe is three hours after the usual time. If you have taken the mini pill up to three hours after, there will be no reduction in effectiveness.

Less than three hours late - take the late pill as soon as you remember, carry on the pack as normal. You will still be protected and do not need additional protection, just like the combined contraceptive.

More than three hours late or more than one pill in the blister pack - take the late pill as soon as you remember and finish the pack as normal. You won't be protected to the same efficiency so use additional barrier contraception (condoms) for the following two days, or refrain from having sex.

This does include whether you experience diarrhoea or vomit when taking the mini pill, and further information on that can be found on our mini pill information page.

If you have had sex and have missed a pill by more than three hours, don't panic; you can get emergency contraception in the form of a morning after pill.

Use our interactive tool below on what to do if you miss one or multiple pills in one month (menstrual cycle). Simply click to begin.

How many pills have you missed? How late?
  • One pill less than
    3 hours late
  • Started a new pill pack less than 3 hours late
  • One pill more than
    3 hours late
  • Started a new pill pack more than 3 hours late
  • Two or more pills in one pack
  • One menstrual cycle = 28 days

*If you have missed contraceptive pills in the first one to seven days of the pill pack and have had sex without barrier contraception, you could be pregnant. If you have calculated this between one to five days after the unprotected sex, you could use emergency contraception such as the IUD or morning-after pill. If not, continue your contraception until the seven-day break. If you don't have any bleeding, it is advised to take a pregnancy test and/or consult your doctor.

Who can take Micronor?

Micronor is available to order if you are 18 years or older. You should preferably not order this treatment if you have diabetes, have or have had cancer in the past, liver disease, migraines or unexplained vaginal bleeding. This contraceptive should under no circumstances be used if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

If you have any other health conditions that are not mentioned in the above list, take care to mention it in your consultation, as we would like to ensure that the treatment you have chosen is safe for you to use. It's important that you mention in your consultation if you are currently using any medication, herbal or prescription, as some medications can inhibit how effective Micronor is. For more information regarding the precautions for the Micronor mini-pill, please refer to the precautions for Micronor section below.

What are the side effects of Micronor?

Micronor mini pills generally don't cause many side effects, and many people don't experience any when they use this treatment.

Some side effects you could experience are:

  • Headaches, migraines, breast tenderness, bloating, nausea, weight gain, and changes in your sex drive

However, these tend to pass as your body gets used to the hormonal changes.

If you do however experience any unwanted side effects after continual use of this mini pill, then it is advised to speak to your doctor for further advice.

What are the precautions/interactions for Micronor?

There are a number of precautions that must be considered before taking the Micronor mini pill. These include:

  • Micronor should be used with caution if you have a medical history of blood clots, blood clotting disorders, high blood pressure, cancer (in particular, endometrial or breast cancer), diabetes, or heart problems.
  • Micronor mini pills should be avoided during pregnancy and whilst using hormonal birth control.
  • You should inform your doctor if you are looking to use this treatment when you are due for a surgery, or if you are going to be confined to a seat or bed (e.g. during a flight). This is because the risk of developing a blood clot may increase.
  • The Micronor mini pill won't protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), therefore condoms are still required if this is a risk.
  • This medication can sometimes cause menstrual irregularities, e.g. irregular bleeding or missed periods. These can be irritating, but normally settle down after a while. If you have persistent issues with irregular bleeding, you should talk to a doctor.

How can I buy the Micronor mini pill online safely?

You can buy Micronor 350mcg pills from HealthExpress by just clicking on the link below, to start your quick and simple online consultation. Your consultation will be checked by one of our partner doctors, who will assess your suitability regarding the severity of your symptoms and the dosage available. If your consultation is approved, you will be able to purchase this treatment, safely and securely, along with other treatments that are suitable for your particular condition.

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