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More information about Empagliflozin

What is Empagliflozin?

Empagliflozin is an effective treatment for type-2 diabetes. You should pair this medication with an active lifestyle and controlled diet.

Empagliflozin is also an approved treatment for heart failure. Heart failure is a condition where your heart struggles to pump blood around your body. Currently, this treatment is only available from HealthExpress for type-2 diabetes. If you need it for heart failure, please contact your regular doctor.

Empagliflozin is the generic version of the branded medication Jardiance. A generic medication contains the same ingredients, however, it is cheaper because the original manufacturing company’s patent has expired so any manufacturer can produce it.

To order this medication online for diabetes, you must have previously received a diagnosis and prescription from your regular doctor.

How does Empagliflozin work?

Type-2 diabetes is a condition where cells in your pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in your blood.

In comparison, type-1 diabetes is where your body cannot produce any insulin at all - Empagliflozin will not work for this condition. Instead, you need regular insulin injections.

Empagliflozin belongs to a class of medications called sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors, also called gliflozins. SGLT2-inhibitors stop your kidney from reabsorbing glucose and instead flush it out in urine.

If you have type-2 diabetes, by taking Empagliflozin your blood sugar level is reduced. As a result, the chance of you experiencing serious diabetic complications is considerably reduced. These include:

  • heart disease
  • kidney disease
  • poor circulation (leading to amputations)
  • vision problems (including blindness)

Heart failure

Heart failure is characterised by the heart’s inability to pump sufficient blood throughout your body. Despite the name of the condition, the muscle can still function, though at an impaired level. Your heart will compensate by enlarging and increasing how quickly it beats. If left untreated, heart failure can be fatal.

Just as with type-2 diabetes, treatment is a combination of lifestyle changes and medication. As an SGLT2-inhibitor, Empagliflozin has a diuretic effect, reducing the volume of blood in the body. The heart and vessels can then more easily circulate blood.

Please note - Empagliflozin cannot be ordered for heart failure online through HealthExpress.

How do I use Empagliflozin?

You should always follow the advice of your doctor when taking any prescription medication. You can find supplementary information in the patient information leaflet (PIL) as well as below.

The recommended dose of Empagliflozin is 10mg a day.


  • swallow tablets whole only - do not break, crush or dissolve tablets
  • tablets can be taken with or without food
  • you can take a tablet at any time of the day - for best results, take it at the same time every day
  • if you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is less than 12 hours before your next dose, skip it
  • do not stop this treatment without your doctor’s permission

Your doctor should also have given you a new diet and exercise regime to follow whilst taking Empagliflozin. You should make sure to stick to this - medication alone is not enough to counteract the symptoms of type-2 diabetes. In the best case, you can reverse the condition.

What are the possible side effects of Empagliflozin?

A complete list of side effects is detailed in the PIL, which is included with your order. Your doctor will also be able to inform you of those most likely to affect you.

The most commonly reported include:

  • inflammation of the foreskin and glans penis
  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)*
  • increased risk of infection
  • skin reactions
  • increased thirst
  • urinary problems (including urosepsis)

*Hypoglycemia, also known as a “hypo”, is where your blood sugar level drops too low. You should treat this by eating or drinking a fast-acting carbohydrate, for example, fruit or fruit juice.

If you experience any side effects from this medication, you should inform your doctor. Depending on the specific reaction and its severity, you may need to discontinue treatment - your doctor will advise.

You should also know the signs of an allergic reaction - swelling of the face, throat and tongue, difficulty breathing and rashes. Seek immediate medical attention if you have an allergic reaction.

Who can use it?

First and foremost, your doctor should have prescribed you this medication. A doctor will consider the benefits and risks of a treatment before recommending you take it.

Do not use Empagliflozin if you:

  • are allergic to any of its ingredients
  • have type-1 diabetes
  • are using another SGLT2-inhibitor
  • have not been prescribed it by a doctor
  • have serious liver or kidney problems

There are alternative treatments available if you are unable to take this medication. You should ask your GP for more information.

What precautions should I take?

Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to conceive. If the medication passes to your child or unborn child, it could cause harm.

It is recommended that you get regular blood sugar tests, kidney function assessments, and check your feet for any circulatory problems.

As mentioned, one side effect of this medication is hypoglycemia, which in turn can cause fatigue, disorientation and dizziness. You should consider how you are feeling before driving or operating machinery.

The prescribing doctor should also have given you a diet and exercise regime. You should stick to this while taking Empagliflozin.

Can I buy Empagliflozin online?

You can buy Empagliflozin for type-2 diabetes online. However, you must have a previous diagnosis. If you do not have this, please speak to your GP. Many conditions can present with similar symptoms to diabetes, so it is important to be sure.

To order, you must complete an online consultation - this will not take long. The consultation allows our doctors to review your medical history and ensure Empagliflozin will have the desired effects.

All orders are all-inclusive. You only pay one price that includes the consultation, prescription and delivery. All medication is plainly packaged for discretion and dispatched with either next-day or nominated-day delivery (depending on your preference).

Empagliflozin info
Product name Empagliflozin
Active ingredient(s) Empagliflozin
Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim & Eli Lilly and Company
Lowest price £49.99
Trustpilot rating 5/5
Trustpilot reviews 2
Availability In stock
Description An anti-diabetic treatment for adults with diabetes
Exemption Subject to medical prescription
Administration Oral
Presentation Tablets
Available dosage(s) 10mg, 25mg
Application One tablet taken daily
Posology Consult patient leaflet
Drug class Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors
Alcohol consumption In moderation
When breastfeeding Speak to your doctor
When pregnant Speak to your doctor

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

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