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Diprobase Cream & Ointment

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For moderate to severe cases of dry skin – for example eczema or forms of dermatitis – you can use Diprobase Cream/Ointment during the night. To be used over the long-term, Diprobase can be bought online from HealthExpress. Simply click below to begin your order.

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What is Diprobase Cream/Ointment?

Diprobase Cream/Ointment is used to manage the symptoms of dry skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Diprobase Cream/Ointment does not contain any active ingredients; it contains liquid paraffin and soft paraffin. This blend provides a protective layer that prevents the skin from drying out.

Once your skin has improved, Diprobase Cream/Ointment can be used to help prevent future flare-ups and keep your condition under control.

Diprobase Cream/Ointment is available over the counter, without prescription from your doctor, or you can get Diprobase delivered straight to you from HealthExpress.

How does Diprobase Cream/Ointment work?

A lack of water in the stratum corneum, the outer layer of skin, causes dry skin conditions such as eczema. This causes itching and scaly, cracked skin.

A natural layer of oil on the skin's surface usually helps our skin to retain water. Washing with soap and hot water can cause skin to dry out as it removes the natural oil. As we age, our skin can dry our further.

Diprobase Cream/Ointment contains a mix of soft and liquid paraffins. The cream is a less greasy alternative to the ointment.

Both products provide a protective layer of oil on the skin's surface which prevents water from evaporating, providing relief from dry skin conditions.

The cream and ointment are free from parabens, artificial fragrance, lanolin and SLS.

How to use Diprobase Cream/Ointment

  • You can apply Diprobase Cream/Ointment as often as needed to relieve symptoms
  • It can be used on any part of the body
  • If using the cream, smooth it onto the skin in the direction of hair growth
  • If using the ointment, apply a thin layer to cover the affected area, massaging into the skin thoroughly but gently
  • Take care if using the ointment before a bath or shower as it can make the shower or bath slippery
  • Always use the cream/ointment exactly as advised by your doctor

What dosages are available for Diprobase Cream/Ointment?

There is only one dosage available for Diprobase Cream/Ointment. The cream and the ointment contain liquid paraffin and soft paraffin. There are no active ingredients. The cream and the ointment are available in 50g tubes or 500g tubs.

What are the side effects of Diprobase Cream/Ointment?

Most people who use Diprobase Cream/Ointment will not experience any side effects. In rare cases, you may experience a slight allergic reaction that could cause skin irritation, redness, itching or worsening of your skin condition. If this occurs, stop using the medicine and speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

What are the precautions/interactions of Diprobase Cream/Ointment?

Although Diprobase Cream/Ointment is not known to interact with any other medicines, moisturisers can enhance the absorption of other medicines applied to the skin.

For conditions such as eczema, this is helpful as it can ensure that medicines such as corticosteroids penetrate the skin to reduce inflammation.

However, applying moisturiser just before a medicated cream or lotion could dilute the active ingredients. You should therefore wait at least a few minutes after applying Diprobase Cream/Ointment before applying other medicated skin creams or lotions.

This cream is for external use only.

Paraffin is highly flammable and bed linen, clothing, towel and other fabrics that have been in contact with Diprobase Cream/Ointment could ignite if you are smoking or are near naked flame. For this reason, try to change bedding and clothing daily, or at least regularly, while using the ointment.

This medicine is safe for use by children, adults and the elderly.

Do not use this medicine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

If you experience an allergic reaction, you should stop using the cream immediately and speak to your doctor or pharmacist. If the allergic reaction is severe, you should go immediately to the Accident and Emergency department of your local hospital.

There are no known harmful effects when pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers use Diprobase Cream/Ointment, as the medicine is not absorbed through the skin. However, you should always inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy before using any medicine including Diprobase Cream/Ointment.

How to buy Diprobase Cream/Ointment online

To buy Diprobase Cream/Ointment online, firstly complete a short questionnaire. This is quick and simply involves a few health questions to ensure you won't experience side effects of the treatment. When approved before 4:30pm Monday to Friday, you can receive Diprobase Cream/Ointment the next day across the UK. If this is inconvenient, we have other delivery option including nominated day delivery and UPS Pickup locations.

Once you've completed your questionnaire for Diprobase Cream/Ointment, it can be saved in your own member's area so you needn't do it again, making reordering even faster.

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