Weight Loss Exercise To Help With Sleep As W...

No matter what your shape or size exercise brings health benefits. Now it appears exercise can also help you overcome insomnia.

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General Health Sex Workers and HIV Resistance

Scientists have been looking into why some sex workers are resistant to HIV despite frequent unprotected sex in a country where the HIV rate is high. The women they studied did not develop HIV and researchers have previously been unaware why this is the case.

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Sexual Health Which are the most common STIs?

Sexually transmitted infections (or STIs) are still common in the UK. In 2014, nearly half a million cases were diagnosed in England alone. Here are some of the more common STIs along with their symptoms and how to treat them.

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General Health Is Sugar Any Good For You At All?

If you think this article might absolve you from eating chocolate, think again! Here's why a study says some sugar is good, and what you can do to adjust your diet.

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Weight Loss

Weird Side Effects of Weight Loss

If you're planning to lose some excess weight, good on you - but be aware there are some weird side effects that you could encounter along the way.

General Health

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a poorly understood illness. Many people suffer from it, but there's no definitive cure.

Travel Health

How Old Is Malaria?

In terms of history, malaria is one of the oldest killers around. It's so old it may have even shaped the history of evolution.

General Health

Thyroid - All You Need To Know

When thyroid hormone levels become skewed the body will respond with varying symptoms. A thyroid can become over or under active but both have...

General Health

Why Exercise is Good for Your Brain

Exercise is essential for good physical health, but did you know it's just as important for mental health too?

General Health

Cushing's Syndrome - Everything ...

Cushing's Syndrome is the result of too much cortisol in the body. It's rare but can be brought on by corticosteroids which are widely used to...

General Health

Vaping and your Immune System

The electronic cigarette market's worth is estimated to hit 21.7 billion dollars by 2018. It's a huge market underpinned by the marketing of...

General Health

Causes of a Cough

Coughs range from annoying post-cold throat clearing to the exhausting midnight barks that keep the whole house awake. Almost everyone will suffer...

General Health

Pollution and High Blood Pressure

Many contributors cause dangerous high blood pressure but a recent study has added air pollution as another significant risk to our heart health.

Weight Loss

How Much Exercise Burns Off Food?

We all know that exercise burns off calories and that it's good for our health to keep active, but how much do we need to burn off our favourite...

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How Can Caffeine Treat Erectile ...

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you're far from alone. Many men are dealing with the same problem. Make some lifestyle changes and...

Sexual Health

Herpes – What are the Facts and ...

Herpes is not something people generally like to discuss because there's a culture of embarrassment surrounding the condition. In reality, the...

Sexual Health

STI Testing Online: The Pros and...

Online STI testing is the ability to obtain testing kits on the internet and receive the results without seeing a doctor or health specialist....

General Health

Spotting The Signs Of Dementia

In 2013, dementia affected 46 million people and experts predict this will rise to 131 million by 2050. There's currently no cure, but supporting...

Men's Health

Is Masturbation Good Or Bad For ...

We don't talk about it much, but masturbation is something many people of all ages indulge in. It's a shared interest that is not often shared, and...

E-Health & Technology

Rise of Online Healthcare

Not many years ago you had to see a doctor in person to obtain medication, but times have changed. The vast upsurge in online healthcare has taken...

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