General Health Wednesday November 18, 2015

Alcohol Myths And Facts

It's Alcohol Awareness Week and this year's theme is 'The Impact of Alcohol on Society', so let's talk about some alcoholic myths and facts that affect us all. Drunkenly boring your friends about the time you snogged James Blunt when he was a soldier (I'm sure it was him) doesn't count.

It's OK To Drive After One Drink

No. It's not OK to drive after drinking alcohol. It's not just your life that you're putting in danger. imagine being the reason a 20 year old is disabled for life, or losing your licence and then your job - with no chance of bagging another now there's a criminal record to account for.

Judgement is impaired after one drink. It doesn't matter how much you eat or how big you are.

Coffee Helps You Sober Up

Caffeine makes you feel more awake but it doesn't make you sober - you just think you're sober. In reality you're drunk and full of energy rather than feeling depressed and a bit sick. Do not log into Facebook at this point.

Only Working Class Men Are Alcoholics

Recent studies show that middle class older people are drinking to excess, as are some groups of the elderly. Many don't realise they are going over the safe limits each night.

Greasy Food Is A Hangover Cure

You might feel temporarily better because you've upped your sugar levels, but those fatty foods are just waiting in line to get processed after your liver has dealt with the alcohol.

It sounds evil but the best bet is water and healthy food.

Beer Before Liquor Never Been Sicker

Beer before wine you'll feel fine. There are pages of alcohol-related poetry on the web, but the order you drink alcohol in doesn't matter - it's about the amount you consume. Beer gets you drunk slower than shots, but you'll still get drunk. If you eat before you drink then the food will slow down the alcohol absorption rate.

Older Wine Tastes Better

Some do, and that's reflected in the price. Other wines are supposed to be drunk within a year so leaving them on the rack (not in my house!) will only result in the antioxidant levels and taste disappearing.

Alcohol Warms Me Up

A shot of brandy after a cold walk home will make you feel warmer, but alcohol actually lowers your body temperature - you just don't notice the chill so much.

Vomiting Stops You Getting Drunker

The Romans made themselves sick so they could carry on eating and drinking, but if you are puking to avoid a hangover, or you're fearing what those last shots might do to the taxi seats, then it's probably too late. Your body starts to process alcohol right away - a tiny bit of vomit won't stop a hangover ordered by Lucifer himself.

With the Christmas season approaching it's easy to get carried away. Try to bear in mind that alcohol impairs your judgement, so don't drive, don't have unprotected sex or photocopy your arse.

The daily safe drinking limit for a man is 3-4 units, which is roughly one pint of cider and 2-3 units, roughly one standard glass of wine, for a woman. Is that lower than you thought? Me too.

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