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Is Eating Dairy Good Or Bad For You?

The majority of Brits have milk in their tea or coffee and enjoy cheese. That all comes from cows in the most part. However, cow's milk might be making you ill. Do you feel rubbish a lot of the time? Are we all eating more dairy than is good for us? Read on to find out!

What Are The Pros Of Dairy?


Our bodies need calcium throughout our lives and dairy is a great source. Your body readily absorbs calcium from dairy. If you don't get enough of it then you risk fractures and osteoporosis in later life.


Healthy bacteria in your stomach are good for you, and dairy contains a lot of probiotics, particularly yogurt. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found probiotics speeded up the time it took for foods to leave your body, increased bowel movements, and make them easier to pass. Sorry about that graphic information.


You might think that avoiding cheese, butter and milk will help you lose weight. It will if the rest of your diet is good, but a Swedish study found that dairy-bingers were half as likely to become obese. This is because dairy is full of protein and fat which makes you feel full. Without it you might snack.

And The Cons

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose is sugar in dairy. Some people can't digest it very well and that makes them ill. There's no cure, but avoiding dairy is a good way to cut down on your symptoms such as:

  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhoea
  • Painful wind
  • Nausea

Ethical Reasons

When we eat dairy we contribute to the ill treatment of animals used for dairy produce. Cheap milk, cheese, yogurt and custards are made at the expense of cows that never go outside and are left in cramped stalls on factory farms. They are artificially impregnated each year to ensure milk production and their calves are immediately removed to make veal products.

Cancer risks

Swedish researchers found that just one glass of milk a day could double the risk of ovarian cancer. An American study found more than two daily servings of dairy increased prostate cancer risk by 34%. Not surprising really when you think about the chemicals that factory farm animals are given.

Bad skin

Dairy can contribute to bad skin. It's thought to be an acne trigger. A Dartmouth Medical School study indicated that milk contains testosterone-like hormones. Testosterone can stimulate oil production, which can in turn lead to bad-skin breakouts.


Dairy can trigger Irritable Bowel Syndrome, even if you're not lactose intolerant, because of the high fat content. Do you have a cheese sandwich every day with butter and a cup of cow milk tea? Dairy overload lunch = stomach ache afternoon.

What Are The Substitutes?

I stopped having cow's milk on my cereal last week. I've replaced it with unsweetened soya, which is still actually sweet. Perhaps it's a coincidence but my bowels have err - improved, my stomach is flatter and I feel more awake.

I don't like the soya milk in tea, so I'm going to try other sources such as almond milk. The first few days of my soya-drenched cereal change caused err.... incredible wind, but that settled down.

Soya cheese, nut butters and other vegan foods are widely available now, so it's easy to try a substitute. I have these lined up to for testing.

It's sad that we're so reliant on exploited animals for our food when there are so many amazing grains, vegetables and fruits to try. Let's give the cows a break and improve our health with some soya.

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