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Devices To Help With Incontinence

Let's be frank about this; incontinence is hardly a straightforward and embarrassment-free condition to deal with. The urge to pass urine is a normal part of life, but when this is a constant and uncontrollable issue, it is life consuming. Even buying the pads can fill you with dread. You're likely to pay extra to buy online, just to save the awkward checkout assistant encounter. But the thing is, most of it is in our heads.

Figures from the NHS suggesting between 3 and 6 million people in the UK suffer with a level of incontinence, the amount of times that sales assistant has seen a whole spectrum of people buying pads, they're not exactly going to remember you when answering "how was your day?" during tea time with their family.

With so many cases, it's no surprise then that it isn't just elderly ladies and pregnant women that have a lack of control when it comes to their bladder. Extremely common, quite embarrassing and potentially expensive; yep, incontinence can well and truly do one.

However, there are ways of dealing. Devices and treatments litter the market just waiting to be trialled and tested. Yes, the nappy-style pads do the trick, but what about convenience? Hardly practical carrying your very own bag full of nappies and pads is it.

Here are some devices and treatments that could help relieve the need for relief.

For women

Devices for women usually involve kegel exercises (yes, none of us do as many as we should). Maybe one of these devices will ignite your passion? After all, they do claim to intensify orgasms…

The Elvie

Just like any part of your body, your kegel muscles need a work out from time to time. The Elvie is a device specifically designed for women that strengthens the pelvic floor, resulting in better orgasms, aiding post-childbirth recovery and improving bladder control.

The cute device logs into your smartphone through Bluetooth offering you feedback on your kegel exercises. Of the 100 women who have clinically trailed the Elvie, 91% said they felt the benefits.


The Kegel8 is an electronic pelvic floor device, similar to the Elvie but more conventional looking. The Kegel8 claims to strengthen your muscles and help reduce the need to urinate within weeks. Like the Elvie, the Kegel8 can improve orgasms, aid with childbirth recovery, give you control over your bladder and even claims to give you a flatter stomach.


It's difficult to know whether you're doing your kegel exercises correctly; there isn't exactly a Davina Workout showing you how. Like the Elvie, this small cushioned device can measure each clench and give you feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly. The device sends information to your smartphone allowing you to track your kegel exercises in the same way other health apps track your workouts and dietary habits.

What about the men?

Men don't exactly have the lion's share when it comes to incontinence products, however you guys haven't been forgotten:

Enjoy Tolkien? Then the Blakoe Ring might fulfil your fantasy (see what we did there). It was first invented in the 1950s with often-negative views, however by the 1970s, there were more thorough trials and public acceptance grew.

The Blakoe Ring is made up from electro-dynamic copper and zinc plates that produce a "perpetual flow of electrical energy when in contact with the naturally ionic moisture in the pores of the skin". The ring is placed on the penis and worn constantly. The ring is comfortable; after a few days you'll forget it's even there and can even be worn during sex.

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