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Don’t let the snow stop you: Tips on exercising at home

Published : Friday January 18, 2013 | Posted in : General Health
Exercising at home

With weather forecasters predicting heavy snow to hit most parts of the UK this weekend, and the Met Office predicting severe disruptions with transport, roads, flights, and the closure of buildings, it is safe to say that the snow can prevent many of us from participating in our usual daily routines. Likewise, whether the adverse conditions prevent you from taking your weekly jog, or your local sports gym has closed, the chaotic weather can play havoc if you are trying to continue with your January detox and fitness regime plans this New Year.

However, despite what many may think, exercising at home can be beneficial and, if done properly, has proved to be just as effective as exercising at the gym or outdoors. HealthExpress lists some of the exercises that can be easily done at home should the snow foil your fitness plans.

Fitness DVDs

Whether it’s another celebrity who has lost five stone, or a fitness personal trainer to the stars, the fitness workout DVD is not to be underestimated. These workout videos usually incorporate high intense intervals, cardio sessions, strength training and a detailed guide to help you follow each exercise. Thus studies have proven that if such DVD exercises are done at least three times a week, you could lose weight, build strength and more importantly maintain healthy fitness levels. It is important to follow the guidelines and warm up properly before the session to prevent injury, and refrain from doing any of the exercise if you already suffer from an injury.

Game console

Some years ago, the games console was considered a device merely for children. However, in the last few years the introduction of dance, aerobics and fitness games has changed this perception. Hence, such games have proved a hit with those wanting to shed those extra pounds. Likewise, these type of games have not only proved to be effective but have also made exercise fun.

The stairs

Running up and down the stairs at home (repetitions) will go a long way to toning your leg muscles and bottom as well as burning those calories.

Weight lifting

So you might not have the 4kg plus weights that you’ve been used to using at the gym, but raiding your kitchen for alternatives could prove to be the answer. You could start off using tins of beans as your substitutes and move onto heavier objects should this become too easy. The best part is you will tone your arms just as effectively.


Dancing at home to music for a lengthy spell is great for keeping your heart rate up. It also helps to build lean muscle and rid the body of excess body fat. Fitness experts estimate that dancing can burn between 200-400 calories, depending on the style of dancing. The best part to this exercise is that it's fun, meaning you will do it for longer and burn more calories in the process.


You don’t always need the fancy equipment seen at the gym. In fact you can do many of the same exercises at home such as sit-ups, crunches, push-ups and jumping jacks. When done properly these exercises will still help to burn excess calories and keep your heart rate up.

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