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Fitness Inspiration From Sporty People

Published : Wednesday January 13, 2016 | Posted in : General Health

Watching sporty people on the television makes me wonder how they summoned up the willpower to get themselves into such great shape when I can barely be bothered to scan the TV listing for something else to watch.

Here are some tips from sports professionals to help get us fit, enthusiastic and well, less wobbly.

Jonny Wilkinson - Rugby Legend

(hot) Rugby legend Jonny recommends imagining you are on camera. He says that thinking about watching your video back at the end of the day forces you to make good choices.

This is a good tip because our private behaviour is not always great (fingers out of nose please) but when we consider that others are watching we pull it together. You may not want to take this advice if you are on the toilet or attempting to have sex.

Tom James - Olympic Rowing Champ

Tom suggests sorting out some music but 'always keep songs in the same order... it gives you a focus and sense of progress.'

Hmm. Interesting. I guess if you are having a bad day you know you can reach the final song because you've done it before, and music is a good distraction from hellish suffering.

Alistair Brownlow - Olympic Triathlon Gold Medal Winner

'Anyone would get bored slogging away on a treadmill, but if you train outdoors you will always have new routes and new conditions to deal with.'

Treadmills are a form of torture. All you have to concentrate on is running in a straight line. Once you've finished fiddling with the buttons that's it. Half an hour of boredom awaits you. Run outside and you will get some scenery and fresh air. If you're lucky there may be an ice-cream van to chase down.

Stuart Broad - English Ashes Winning Cricketer

'Try to beat your mates. Being competitive with your friends and team mates can really push you on.'

For the competitive amongst us, this is a good trick, not least because it gives you a goal. Motivation is key for getting and staying fit. Exercising alone can be isolating but team games or classes expand your social circle .Why not join a sport team? There's the real chance of going for drinks afterwards.

Lizze Armistead - Road Cycling Champion

'Don't cheat. The main way I stay motivated in the winter months is by ensuring I have someone to meet.'

This is good advice. You're much less likely to sit down and watch the morning news instead of getting your bum outdoors if you are worried about letting someone down. If it's just yourself, then you can give in too easily. Your friend will have the same motivation - unless you're quite good mates and can text 'let's not bother'. Perhaps it would be better to exercise with your most angry friend.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Football Legend

'Fit in exercise wherever you can. You can do an abs workout in your bedroom when you wake up in the morning.'

This is a good idea because it addresses our lack of time. This is a common excuse for not exercising, and it is valid to an extent. We all have jobs, children and a social life to fit in. Exercise doesn't stand much of a chance if it requires a big time commitment. That's why walking the school run, cycling to work and sit-ups in the morning (cough, maybe) fit in so well.

Inspired? Actually, I might be.

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