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Five things that get better when you stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes gives people a fair amount of satisfaction and reward; it’s what makes smoking enjoyable for smokers as well as necessary for the habit. Ask any smoker though, and the sensation of smoking will be a thousand times different from the first one they ever smoked. The first one always is different. Like any drug though, the high you experience the first time becomes more and more difficult to achieve afterwards.

There are also other things that become more difficult as people continue smoking, and essentially make non-smokers better at. Here are the Top 5 Things You Can Do Better As a Non-Smoker:

1. Running

First on the list and a no brainer really – when you quit smoking, your respiratory function starts to return drastically. This is needed for physical activities such as running. As the lungs heal over time, as people spend more and more time as non-smokers, so does their ability to bring oxygen into the blood stream. In 48 hours after quitting smoking, the oxygen level in your blood will return to their proper levels.

This means that any sport you do, you can do better as your body is able to run at a greater pace without literally losing any breath. You’ll find you can run harder again and for longer.

2. Socialising

Unless you hang out with predominantly smokers, socialising is something that will improve when you quit smoking too. But not because of the apparent stigma of smoking being the main reason. Sure, some people will dislike the habit and judge as a result, shame on them, but in reality what will improve is the fact that you won’t have to leave the group every thirty minutes to go outside.

Smoking is banned nearly in every place that good socialising occurs and to smoke you have to leave those areas. By not smoking, you’ll be able to be with friends longer. It might sound strange, but you’ll be reducing the amount of disruptions to the interactions you have with other people.

3. Kissing

As unfortunate as it is, smoking and smoke don’t leave good smells on the body. Smokers rarely get a sense of how strong the smell can be especially if they have gotten used to it over the years. Smoke on the breath can be even worse and kissing someone with bad breath is enough to kill the romance every time.

When you quit smoking, you immediately increase the chances of having your partner enjoying kissing a lot more.

4. Eating

Smoking gradually decreases our sense of smell and taste. Food begins to taste less and less, and we are able to smell less and less. When you quit smoking, the taste buds and sense receptors start to pick up sensations like they used to and the improvement is shocking.

Food for a non-smoker/ex-smoker tastes a lot better because they can literally taste “better” than a smoker. That favourite restaurant you like just got a whole lot better because when you quit smoking you can enjoy the taste the way it was meant to be. You might get a smoker who can eat “better”, but your food will certainly taste better.

5. Sex

Smoking has many harmful effects on the body, one of which is the degradation of blood vessels, which can lead to impotence, and the other is damaging nerve receptors. Sexual arousal, stimulation and sensations (like orgasms) all rely heavily on the use of blood vessels and nerve endings to occur.

When you quit smoking, the blood vessels and nerve endings begin to heal and regain their full strength. This means that any sexual stimulation and feeling will be increased as both of these improve over time, ultimately making sex more enjoyable as it will be more sensitive and pleasurable.

If you can think of any more reasons why quitting smoking improves your life, or what activities non-smokers/ex-smokers can enjoy more, comment below!

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