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Hot Health Trends For 2015

Published : Friday March 6, 2015 | Posted in : General Health

Health and wellbeing is a pretty versatile subject. New wellness trends and fads seem to come and go every other week, and it can be difficult to keep up. We've put together a list of a few fitness fashions that are looking promising for this year… although we can't promise that they'll last long!

Bodyweight training

Fitness equipment and gym memberships cost money, sometimes quite a lot. But there's good news coming in the form of Bodyweight Training for those of use who want to get fit without breaking the bank. With squats, lunges, push-ups and burpees being ranked as the No.1 fitness trends for the coming year by the American College of Sports and Medicine, it looks like fitness is going to get a whole lot more affordable.

Shake it like a star

Adding fun and attitude to your workout, Seen on Screen gives its users the chance to dance like their favourite popstars. Founder and former backing dancer, Bonnie Parsons, came up with the idea when she began teaching classes where people could learn the routine to famous music videos like Beyonce's Crazy In Love and Britney Spears' I'm A Slave 4 U.

Say yes to fat

Fat is a pretty polarising nutrient. Unfairly demonised in some instances, this year many dieticians are calling for its return to popular diet culture. The annual What's Trending in Nutrition survey by Pollock Communications and Today's Dietician magazine predicted that most consumers will be welcoming fat back with open arms. That doesn't mean that suddenly it's ok to live on just chips and burgers, but it does mean that healthy, natural, non-saturates will be back on the menu.

Let's get digital

We all rely on technology nowadays. You're reading this on an electronic device aren't you? It makes sense for fitness and health to go the same way, so it probably isn't a surprise to you that many people are using apps and gadgets that turn exercise and fitness into competition with friends. A serious trend, this has been spotted by the Sport and Recreation Alliance and developed by many companies into an online platform where users can compete and interact, all in the name of fitness.

Cardio tennis

Hanging on to the coat tails of other hybrid classes like boxercise, Cardio Tennis is a workout that also helps you work on your match points. Developed in the US since 2005, the Lawn Tennis Association launched the program in 2013 with several tennis-based drills and activities forming the basis of the workout. With all of it backtracked with upbeat, up-tempo music, the classes now run weekly in about 850 venues with around 10,000 participants already playing.

Fitness is a personal mission – look at it however you want, but the most important thing is that you find the methods that work best for you.

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