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How To Really Do Kegel Exercises

Published : Tuesday April 5, 2016 | Posted in : General Health

We've all heard scare stories about weak kegels. Post pregnancy ladies are scared witless by stories of incontinence, a dead in the water sex life and *cough* a loose vagina. Of course, there's no need to panic, however it could be worth doing a few exercises. Firstly, you need to learn HOW.

So here is how do you really do kegel exercises and how does it help?

Kegel - That's a type of Killer Eagle right?

Your kegels are muscles. They support your pelvic floor - that's the term for the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, and intestines. A strong pelvic floor may help back pain too because an unstable pelvis leads to aching. Kegel exercises are important, it's not a myth. Even the NHS recommends them.

Location, Location, Location

To find those kegel muscles start peeing and then stop. It's those. You may realise you've been clenching your bottom or thighs instead. Never mind, you've got them now. Make sure you don't do kegels when peeing as frequent interruption to your urine flow can lead to a bladder infection.

How Do You Know For Sure?

If you've got nerves of steel, ask at your smear test or midwife appointment. At home you can check out your bits in the mirror. Brace yourself - if your bum hole tightens and your clitoral hood pulls down then you're doing it right. Lock all the doors first because you may become hypnotised by your own vagina.


It's best to get into the routine of 'kegelling' every day. No one will know you're doing it unless you get the shivers. This can happen and it shows you've got the right technique. Cue nod to other woman shivering in the Tesco queue. Kegellers Unite!

Try to strengthen them during your favourite TV show, commuting to work, every time you have a cup of tea, during sex- the more the better. Keep going after it gets difficult and your stamina will improve. Start with ten sets three times a day - morning, afternoon and evening and build up over time.


This is the time that kegels really come into their own.

A large baby pressing down on your pelvic floor requires strength to hold it up. After you've given birth, congratulate yourself with diamonds and then squeeze your pelvic floor more often. When you're feeding the baby is a good time.

Kegels may increase blood flow that helps heal stitches, stop urine leakage, and sometime poo leakage too. I'm so sorry. Kegels will get you back to prime vagina health though, don't panic.

Listen Up Gents

You have a pelvic floor too. Strengthen it for better sexual performance. Squeeze as if you were preventing a pee - hold it for a few seconds and release. Do it again - it's that simple. Although you won't give birth, a strong pelvic floor will help you hold in wind, which is handy on a first date or CEX meeting, right? It will also help with any current or future urine leakage. Old age comes to us all.

Add weights as you improve

There are plenty of vaginal weights on the market to help you up your game if squeezing isn't enough for you. Simply insert a weight and then keep it inside by squeezing. Alternately use a vibrator or penis.

Kegel exercises bring a wealth of health benefits from better blood flow, to improved sexual performance, prevention of urine leaks and backache. They are simple to do and cost nothing. It's time to start strengthening your pelvic floor.


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