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13 Problems Faced By People Who Always Need To Pee

Do you need to pee all the time? Is your life an exercise in clock-watching and toilet-seeking? If so don't be embarrassed, you're in good company because over 3 million Brits are in the same boat.

Alcohol and caffeine can exacerbate the problem, and although needing to pee all the time often affects the over 50's, younger folk can experience bladder troubles too.

Do you recognise any of these scenarios?

1. A long car journey is a horror of Olympic standards. You spend all your time trying not to think about needing a wee, because as soon as you do, that's it. You mark en-route service stations and pubs on your map, and pray that someone else in the car will need to go too.

2. When someone suggests a lovely walk in the park, you clench so hard your cheeks bite through your underwear. You know which leaves are safe to wipe with. Bear Grylls has nothing on you.

3. You worry that your work colleagues think you have diarrhoea or a drug habit as you pass them for the 6th time each morning. You don't bother to say hello anymore and avoid eye contact.

4. Camping. Just no.

5. You have kiddy nightlights to help you get to the toilet at 2am, 4am and 5am, but you are thinking of chucking them out as you know the way by heart, now. In fact, you don't even wake up properly. You can stand, walk, pee and wipe whilst dreaming.

6. The first thing you do, on arrival in any situation, is wee. You can't sit comfortably, quite literally, unless you know where the toilet is.

7. On more than one occasion you have cried with relief when you've finally got into the toilet and peed.

8. Tight trousers are just not acceptable. Any more pressure on your bladder and you might actually spend all day in the loo.

9. You have ruined at least one pair of pants when you've left it too late. Some of you have done this on public transport.

10. You recognise toilet roll makes and appreciate a good quality triple layer square. You mentally thank the host of any get-together if they have premium wiping supplies.

11. There is no way you will sit in the middle of the cinema row. You will sit on the aisle even if you have a restricted view and crippling neck-ache.

12. You know where every squeaky floorboard is and don't even wake the family up during your nighttime excursions.

13. You probably have a dehydration headache right now because you are just so fed up with peeing.

If you recognise any of the above, then you should probably get checked by your doctor. A frequent urge to pee can indicate a sexually transmitted infection, cystitis, stress incontinence (that's when your pelvic floor muscles are weakened – often thanks to childbirth), urge incontinence or even diabetes. Don't be embarrassed or laugh it off. You are the master of your bladder.

Excuse me, I need to pee.

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