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The benefits of quitting smoking this New Year

Both the Christmas and New Years party season are officially over, hence the emergence of the customary resolutions and goals made by those hoping start the New Year afresh. A popular New Years resolution for many is the resolve to give up smoking. However, with figures showing that only one in 10 people who try to quit smoking successfully do so, it is no surprise that quitting the habit has proved to be a difficult resolution for many smokers to keep to.

Perhaps a reason, which could potentially contribute towards a smoker to relapse, is the popular misconception that stopping smoking will increase stress levels. Hence with 2013 looking to be another year full of budget cuts, job cuts and the ever rising cost of bills, for smokers smoking as a stress reliever looks more enticing than ever. However a new report by the daily mail dispels this very myth, suggesting that in actual fact quitting the habit is likely to relieve stress. In fact smoking according to the study is intrinsically linked with anxiety and those who tried to give up during the study actually suffered with higher levels of stress. This newfound knowledge along with the health benefits including, breathing easier, skin improvements, and a decrease in heart and liver failure, is why quitting smoking is one resolution that should be met. Further health improvements include:

Increases life expectancy

According to health professionals, smokers are twice as likely to die of smoking related diseases, such as a number of heart diseases, stroke, chronic problems and respiratory diseases, and a higher chance of lung cancer than those who don’t smoke. Quitting the habit, no matter how long you have been a smoker, will still increase your life expectancy with evidence by the NHS, showing that men who quit the habit in their 30s, added 10 years to their life, proving that quitting smoking later in life is better than not quitting at all.

Increases energy levels

According to the smoking health timeline, within 2-12 weeks of stopping smoking, your energy levels will greatly increase as a result from the improvement in your circulation. In turn this will allow you to increase the amount of physical activities and exercises that you choose to do, allowing you to lead a healthier lifestyle much easier.

Makes food and drink more enjoyable

Although it may sound peculiar, it is well known by health experts that the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes can affect and censor your taste buds. Quitting smoking therefore has been known to boost these senses, allowing you to enjoy the taste of food and drink, considerably more.

Improves sex

According to various studies men who smoke are more likely to suffer from conditions that will affect their sex life such as impotence and erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, studies have shown that men who regularly smoke are twice as likely to experience problems with getting and maintaining an erection in comparison to men who do not smoke. Thus giving up cigarette smoking could greatly go a long way to improving a couples sex life.

Improves fertility levels

Studies have shown that women smokers took longer to conceive than non-smokers. Likewise it has been found that smoking directly damages sperm, making a man’ s chance of fertilising a woman’s eggs less likely. For women who quit smoking the benefits include, less chance of suffering from a miscarriage, and significantly improving the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby, reducing the chances of still birth, premature birth, infant death and low birth rate.

Improves your appearance

Once you decide to give up smoking the benefits are not only internal but are also external. Quitting smoking enables better blood flow around your body, allowing nutrients and oxygen to nourish your skin, while providing an anti-aging effect for the skin. Changes to your skin can include, reduction in the size of pores, lines and wrinkles, improving your complexion while making you look younger and healthier.

Improves oral health

Giving up smoking will also reduce the appearance of stains on your teeth which can yellow and discolour as a result of smoking. Quitting smoking can also help you to have fresher breath and decrease your chances of gum disease, which can potentially cause tooth loss.

Reduces health risks to loved ones

Stopping smoking will reduce any risks to loved ones around. Passive smoking, otherwise known as second hand smoking carries all the same health risks to smokers, therefore putting family, your partner or even your children at significant risk. Stopping the habit does a lot to prevent such risks.

Although, quitting smoking and starting afresh is by no means easy, the healths benefits gained from stopping this habit are immense. Staying positive, and getting help from support groups and quit smoking treatments will not only help you to more likely succeed, but will also go a long way to helping you make a new start in the new year and effectively nip this habit in the bud.

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