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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Published : Friday September 25, 2015 | Posted in : General Health

Heart disease is something that we probably don't think about much, especially when we are busy youngsters generally taking our health, families and lives for granted. It's important to think about it though and World Heart Day on 29th September is trying to help. Here's how to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Oh God, It's Exercise

Of course exercise is on the list! What did you expect? It's the best way to keep healthy. We are not designed to be sedentary; sitting on your backside every day will kill you. I'm not suggesting you spend every hour at the gym when there are simpler ways to keep active. Walking is the easiest; stretching comes next. Figure out how you can fit walking and stretching into your already hectic routine.

A Balanced Diet, Not A Starvation Diet

A healthy diet not only keeps your weight down in case you meet David Gandy in Lidl, it also keeps your arteries clear of muck and your blood pressure low. Go Greek to enjoy eggs, cheese and butter, but not to excess. Fruit and vegetables are essential and the NHS suggests also eating oily fish, avocadoes, nuts, seeds and plant oils. Keep your weight at a healthy level and maintain it. The reward is good health.

You'll Like This Bit...

A recent study indicates that two bars of chocolate a day lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. Researchers looked at 21,000 people over a 12 year period. It seems that eating 100grams of chocolate a day lowers the risk of heart disease by 25%, and stroke by 23%. This is the kind of news I've been waiting for my whole life. Turns out the flavonoids and potentially calcium and fatty acids found in the milk benefit us. I personally think that as you relax and enjoy a treat your blood pressure falls too, and speaking of which...

Get Your Blood Pressure Checked

Especially if you are a regular reader of the Daily Mail comments section, but everyone should know their blood pressure reading because it's an indicator of your heart and artery health. If it's too high then you need to reduce it before something bad happens.

Give Up Smoking

Persuading you to stop is exhausting for everyone. There is nothing good about it. Smoking is going to make you ill and probably kill you one way or another, plus it's so expensive. Imagine what you could spend your fag money on each month. If health doesn't motivate you - look at the financial side.

Drinking Alcohol

Do you know how much you drink each week? Calculate some safe limits and stick to them. We aren't invincible 18 year olds anymore. Alcohol damages health, but it's still OK to have a few drinks each week and get sozzled at Keith and Barbara's annual BBQ, just don't regularly exceed the healthy limits is all.

Think Of Me

I don't want to watch you leave hospital in a wheelchair, unable to speak because you've had a stroke which could have been prevented. I also don't want to see your headstone adorned with a desperately crying family either.

OK, lecture over - have a good day now!

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