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4 Ways Sex Can Help You Lose Weight

Published : Thursday March 19, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
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Beneath the hundreds of blog posts and articles about fad diets and weight loss supplements, are we missing a fundamental trick that could lie behind a new baby boomer generation? It may seem obvious that sex burns calories, but the theory goes way beyond this. Not only is it the heart-pounding activity, but the psychological impacts of sex that may lie behind its slimming potential. Check out the reasons below:

  1. Sex burns calories –Let's put this into perspective. Lying in bed watching TV with your partner burns a meagre 70 calories per hour. Instead of this, why not get some exercise? Just 15 minutes sex can burn off around 90 calories in itself, which is equivalent to 20 minutes on a rowing machine or 15 minutes riding a bike. If you've been with your partner for a while, you could try out a new position to get that blood flowing around your veins even more.

  2. Sex reduces fat craving – I briefly mentioned above about the psychological benefits of sex but let's get to the specifics. Regular sex can help keep cortisol levels in check. This is a high anxiety hormone and too much of it can boost your appetite for high fat and high carb. By dampening this hormone, sex can make you calm instead of being hell-bent on eating your favourite goodies (like I am.)

  3. Sex can double your weight loss efforts – It may seem like a tenuous link but sleep is all important in shedding fat. Sex releases endorphins, which help you sleep like a baby in a cradle. An intimate hug before sleep has been shown to release oxytocin, a hormone that also helps to regulate sleep, meaning that your sleep is of better quality. This is all great news for weight loss – according to one government study – getting enough sleep sharply increase the amount of calories you will burn while dieting.

  4. Sex can keep you slim – If you've already lost the weight then you may have noticed a sudden upsurge in your satisfaction from sex. Even small amounts of weight loss can boost a guy's testosterone and for women, trimming some weight can improve arousal and orgasms. This new found satisfaction will mean that you carry on having fun in the bedroom as well as keeping up your exercise levels.

It may be surprising and you may not have believed me initially, but I hope I have changed your mind. If anything, it could be a good reason to kick start your sex life.

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