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Ryan's Champix Challenge - Stoptober Video Diary #1

Yesterday marked the launch of Stoptober – a national campaign established by Public Health England that provides an opportunity for people nationwide to quit smoking.

Smokers often voice excitement at the idea and seem motivated to get involved in the Stoptober movement. However, this initial enthusiasm often dwindles as the temptations get too much and relapsing appears to be the easy way out. Ryan, a member of staff at HealthExpress, hopes to prove this theory wrong by attempting to quit smoking for good this October. To help him through the process, he’ll be taking prescription medication, Champix and will be documenting his progress every week in the form of a video diary. We asked Ryan about his smoking habits in order to learn more about his motives for quitting:

  1. What is your age? 23
  2. How long you have been a smoker for? 7 years
  3. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? 10
  4. What times do you find it harder to resist a cigarette? With a coffee, beer, after mealtimes and generally when socializing.
  5. Have you tried other smoking cessation products? I have tried nicotine chewing gum before without much luck!
  6. Why have you chosen Champix? The main reason is that I have tried to quit over ten times in the past and have failed on all occasions, so I clearly can't rely on willpower alone!
  7. What are your reasons for giving up smoking now (apart from it being Stopober next month)? I generally feel more conscious about my health and the implications that smoking could have on my future. Also, my girlfriend has been asking me to quit for quite some time now so, if I succeed, I might even get into her good books!
  8. What are your expectations on giving up smoking? I hope that my sense of smell, taste, breathing, ability to fight off colds, fitness and stamina will improve.

Video Diary #1

Any smoker will know how challenging it can be to quit smoking. Drawing upon will power and strength, Ryan will know that staying positive throughout his journey is key. Champix can help with the physical cravings, but determination is crucial if he is to achieve his objectives.

You can watch Ryan share his experiences online at the HealthExpress blog or brand video channels this October. If you too are considering giving up smoking and need some extra motivation, then head over to our stop smoking resource page for advice and treatment options.

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