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Ryan's Champix Challenge - Stoptober Video Diary #5

Published : Thursday November 7, 2013 | Posted in : General Health

A month full of cravings and temptations may have proved a little too much for some smokers, but for many, Stoptober has been a great success. It has provided an opportunity for smokers up and down the country to kick the habit and, therefore, lead a healthier life. Ryan's journey is all but complete; he filmed his last video diary today to review his time with the stop smoking treatment, Champix and whether it has been effective for him.

He'll also be offering you an update of his progress and whether he has stayed true to the objectives that he set out at the beginning.

From all the staff at HealthExpress, we hope that you have achieved your personal quit smoking goals. If not, it's never too late to start your own journey. To keep motivated, Ryan kept remembering the harmful impact that smoking has on health and, with the help of Champix, he is now completely smoke free.

If you're interested in those 'gruesome' masks Ryan exhibited in the video, you can find out where the campaign was publicised in our press section.

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