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Ryan's Champix Challenge - Stoptober Video Diary #2

Published : Wednesday October 9, 2013 | Posted in : General Health

It's time for the second installment of Ryan's stop smoking video diary. Last time around, we got to know a little more about the person and the reasons why he is quitting this Stoptober. Just to fill you in, he's coming towards the end of week 1 of his Champix course of treatment and is still taking the lower dosage (2 x 0.5mg daily). Though he hasn't quit smoking yet, his video diary will keep you up to date with his feelings and activities during the week.

Next week will be the big one for him; he'll be increasing the dosage to 2 x 1mg tablets daily and will need to dedicate a day to quit. Stay tuned to find out how he copes without those white sticks and whether Champix is helping him resist those urges.

If Ryan has spurred you on to stop smoking, it's never too late to start your own Stoptober journey. Visit the Stoptober page if you want more information about the movement or check out our advice pages which will provide some much-needed help along the way. These include some useful tips on how to stop smoking and a guide to stop smoking treatments.

If you require more information about Champix, it's always advised to check the patient information leaflet before you consider buying. You should also check out our other useful resources, including a free app to help monitor your progress. Download at Google Play or App Store

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