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Ryan's Champix Challenge - Stoptober Video Diary #4

Published : Wednesday October 23, 2013 | Posted in : General Health

Ryan's Champix Challenge for Stoptober continues to gather pace as he reaches day 23 of his Champix course of treatment. Last week, he was chuffed with his progress thus far, as he went 3 days without smoking. The question is, did he last the full week without a puff of a cigarette?

Find out in the video diary below as he runs through the general health benefits of quitting whilst offering details about his time on Champix and how it has helped him reach his quit smoking goals.

From all the staff at HealthExpress, we hope that you have had a successful month so far and wish you all the best for your future without those white sticks. Ryan will be back for one last video to give a final update on his progress and a brief summary of his Stoptober journey whilst using Champix.

If you want more information about Champix, you may wish to visit our treatment options page.

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