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‘Stoptober’ the smoke free challenge: Are you up to it?

Published : Tuesday October 2, 2012 | Posted in : General Health
Stubbing out a cigarette

Are you a smoker? Have you previously tried to quit but found it too stressful? It is widely known that smoking is a bad habit that can have negative effects on a person's health. However, despite this being common knowledge, and the fact that there are various quit smoking programmes and treatments available for smokers, the act of giving up can prove to be a challenging and stressful one, with 90% of smokers relapsing after originally quitting.

So it's great therefore that on this very blog I am able to champion a great and innovative stop smoking incentive, in the form of 'Stoptober', an initiative run by the NHS. Taking place throughout the duration of this month, this campaign is welcoming news to those smokers who wish to quit smoking but find overcoming their nicotine dependency problem very difficult.

Stoptober: A smoke free campaign

Sponsored by the NHS, 'Stoptober' is a nationwide campaign to help smokers to stop smoking. Offering free support and advice, the 28-day challenge (starting on October 1) aims to help the eight million smokers who wish to stub out their cigarettes once and for all. In addition, the campaign will provide a number of digital tools and apps to help monitor and track the process of those involved. These include smartphone apps, daily motivational texts and a free 'Stoptober' pack that includes a 28-day calendar to keep a person on track and a stress toy to keep on top of any withdrawal or stress related symptoms that more often than not a smoker will experience.

Supporting the cause

It is well documented that smoking can result in a person developing a number of chronic health issues, which include high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, impotence in men and an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks,. The support, therefore, from a national and proactive cause such as 'Stoptober' is essential if a person who smokes has any chance of quitting and just as importantly has any chance of successfully avoiding a relapse.

Although comprehensive smoking cessation support such as 'Stoptober' is known to be effective in helping smokers to stop smoking, evidence through various studies has shown that such treatment programmes are more effective when used in conjunction with quit smoking medication. Taking that information on board, here at HealthExpress, we will be offering 20% off all stop smoking treatments to help those who smoke to quit successfully.

A success or failure

It is hard not to get caught up with the optimism that a campaign such as 'Stoptober' has generated. But will it be a success? I believe so. Backed by major charities such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research and gaining support here at HealthExpress, the NHS campaign has mass appeal and is now in the forefront of the country's consciousness, thanks to various advertising campaigns.

What's more, this incentive doesn't just leave you to get on with it once you have been given information and provided with quit smoking tools but rather continues to provide you with much needed support throughout the whole month, while keeping track of your progress. All the while ensuring that while you are participating in the challenge you are not alone.

And with thousands of people this October expected to take part in this smoke free challenge, chances are you will have the support you need and more to effectively nip this habit in the bud.

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