General Health Wednesday February 22, 2012

10 reasons why you should love your heart

Seeing as February is National Heart Month, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of fun and interesting facts about the heart.

  • 1. A whole lotta blood

    Our hearts are capable of pumping an incredible amount of blood; in fact, you’d have to leave your bathroom tap on for 45 years in order to equal it.

    The heart is capable of pumping between five and 30 litres of blood a minute and in total, every single day, the heart pumps 757 litres of blood through 60000 miles of blood vessels. This is equal to 1.5million gallons of blood in a person’s lifetime.

  • 2. More active than any other muscle in our bodies
  • The heart supplies every single cell with blood, except our corneas. This means that it supplies vital oxygen and nutrients to a total of 75 trillion cells, which means that it does more physical work than any other muscle in the body.

  • 3. Sneezing doesn’t stop your heart
  • Contrary to the popular myth, your heart doesn’t stop when you sneeze, which means that it’s unlikely that you’ll die if you sneeze ‘too much’. Your heart simply changes its rhythm when you sneeze; giving you the illusion that it’s skipping a beat.

  • 4. Women have faster hearts than men
  • The female heart, on average, beats faster than that her male counterpart. Where a man may experience around 70 heart beats a minutes, the average women has a heart rate of 78 per minute.

  • 5. Hair loss could be a sign of heart problems
  • Male pattern hair loss, although an extremely common condition and usually harmless, could potentially be sign of heart problems. Studies have shown that men who show signs of male pattern hair loss, were more likely to have an increased risk to develop heart disease.

  • 6. The heart produces enough energy to power a truck
  • The heart creates enough energy in a person’s lifetime to drive a truck to the moon; this is equal to 20 miles a day.

  • 7.It’s in the middle, not on the left
  • The heart is not located to left, but actually in the center of our chests.

  • 8. A lifetime of work
  • Your heart is believed to start beating four weeks after you are conceived and continues to do so until you die. It can even keep on beating outside of the body as long as it’s supplied with enough oxygen, because it’s able to produce its own electrical impulse.

  • 9. Your heart can ‘break’
  • ‘Heart ache’ is an actual condition known as ‘broken heart syndrome’, this is when the body produces stress hormones in response to difficult to difficult life circumstances, temporarily making the heart unable to pump blood as it should, causing significant discomfort.

  • 10. Manic Monday
  • Statistically the majority of heart attacks happen on a Mondays, many experts think this is due to the additional stress of going back to work on a Monday. However it’s also thought that excessive drinking over the weekends can also be to blame. However it’s important to know that the heart just doesn’t like stress.

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