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Top 5 Food Allergy Blogs

The widespread nature of food allergies means that many people turn to the Internet to share their experiences and understand how others cope with them. We want to give kudos to those bloggers who have provided a platform for this, so we handpicked 5 of the best. Take a look below:

The FARE Blog

This blog was formed in 2012 following a move by The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network to work alongside The Food Allergy Initiative. This co-operative now offers the best resources and tools to people who suffer with food allergies. The blog itself delivers up to date information on news within the 'allergy community,' as well as offering personal stories about kids and adults with allergies who are making a difference.

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Cybele Pascal

With her beautifully designed website, Ms Pascal recalls her journey from challenge to conquer as she dealt with her son's severe dairy and soy allergy. Her delightfully appealing recipes and her clear dedication to strengthen the network for allergy sufferers across the globe make this blog a must read for anyone wanting a healthy treat.

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Jeanette's Healthy Living

From reading just a few of Jeanette's blogposts, it is clear that she is a wonderful person. After working in the competitive industry of corporate finance for 17 years, she decided to stay at home to look after her 4 boys. Like other allergy bloggers, Jeanette's passion was driven by her for cooking 'health-focused' meals for the people she loves the most, specifically her youngest son who was diagnosed with multiple food allergies in December 2010.

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Foods Matter

The complete resource for anyone suffering from multiple food allergies. From yeast allergies to coeliac and gluten intolerance, this site has it covered. As an independent informational website, Foods Matter offers friendly advice as well as many freefrom food and recipes. Run by a dedicated team of researchers, writers and editors, Foods Matter also hosts an annual FreeFrom Food Awards - a great way to create awareness and celebrate those products that help people with food allergies.

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Lexie's Kitchen

Inspired by her son's environmental and food allergies, Mum blogger Lexie writes informative yet quirky blog posts that offer healthy recipes that are free of those foods that often trigger food allergies such as gluten, dairy, egg and soy. As well as expressing her recipes through a well designed website, Lexie has also published a cookbook where you can find her recipes.

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We offer maximum respect for the bloggers above who have shown dedication and passion to help and support those who suffer from food allergies. HealthExpress can offer advice from a doctor's perspective as well as providing a number of food allergy and intolerance tests.

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