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Must Read Blogs of 2013 - Travel Health

To celebrate the influx of expert information delivered by travel health bloggers over the summer months, the team at HealthExpress has highlighted the best travel health blogs from around the world. As usual, we've based our selection on the following criteria: calibre of content, post frequency, reader interaction and social authority. Here's our pick of the bunch:

Sick On The Road

Primary authors, Phil and Sam, noticed the lack of readable, frequently updated travel information on the web; they sought to exploit this niche by providing health advice on a number of related topics including travel insurance, vaccinations, diseases and products essential to any travel adventure. It's not all straight-laced travel news and advice though as the contributors intertwine personal travel stories with practical guides.

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Health Conscious Travel

The editor of this blog, Melanie Haiken is a travel and health writer with over 20 years of experience. Her mission: to equip her readers with accurate and relevant information so they can explore the world to its fullest potential while staying safe and healthy. Hailing from The Golden State, California, Melanie dives into on a number of health topics for travellers (location-specific and general) as well as reviews on travel products.

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Dr. Wise Travel

A comprehensive travel health resource, this blog is written by Dr. Mark Wise, a family doctor based in Toronto, Canada, who received a diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. His expertise can be seen in his book - The Travel Health Guide and through his blog articles he hopes to inform people about the health risks that may be encountered when travelling. His site includes information on various diseases as well as comprehensive advice on vaccinations and inoculations.

Healthy Travel Blog

Bought to you by The Global Citizen Association, this blog ticks all the boxes when it comes to our criteria. It is regularly updated with relevant and readable content making it a must-read for anyone planning to embark on their travels. Articles alternate between general advice and news pieces to more specific information about healthy foods.

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Passport Health USA

Current travel health updates, general tips or location-specific news; this blog has it all covered when it comes down to travel health. The blog is actually part of a wider travel service providing vaccinations against a number of diseases. Based in Baltimore, US, Passport Health is the ultimate resource for travellers who want to stay healthy.

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Jet Lag and Mayhem

As the name suggests, this blog focuses on advice and tips that should be followed when flying abroad. Since becoming the proud mum of two kids the blog author, Nicola, discovered some difficulties when travelling to foreign climates. Through her blog, she provides important tips on how to stay safe and have fun when travelling with kids. On some occasions, this means leaving the kids at home!

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Getaway Blog

This blog is a comprehensive resource for travel information supplying advice on a wide range of related issues including food, wildlife, activities as well as specific info on travel health. The ultimate blog for travel enthusiasts, this site offers content from over 50 contributors and boasts over 50,000 facebook followers.

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Dr Deb The Travel Doctor

Dr Deborah Mills is a pioneer of travel medicine in Queensland and has worked as a Travel Doctor since 1988. As well as regular appearances on radio and television, she has published a book on the subject of travellers health named 'Travelling Well,' which has sold over 155,000 copies and is also available as an iPhone app. All this experience contributes to informative and expert tips on how to avoid common diseases when travelling.

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Travel Doctor

Founded by a partnership between a doctor and pharmacist from a town in South Wales, this blog endeavors to inform travellers about a wide range of health related issues. The owner of the site, Peter Rees, who has twenty years of experience as a community pharmacist, writes about vaccinations, medical kits and how to avoid a number of diseases common amongst travellers. The site can even design customized lists of travel medicine requirements for individuals and groups of any size.

Stay tuned to our blog for the next instalment of our 'must-read' series. Next time we will be covering the best doctors blogs, so make sure you return for the full listing.

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Do you think another travel blog is worthy of our 'must-read' series? Drop us a comment on here and we will consider placing it on the list.

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