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Must Read Blogs of 2013 - Weight Loss Top 20

Our 'must read' series gives credit to those bloggers who dedicate time and energy to provide informative and engaging content for their readers. This week we've focussed on weight loss blogs and, as always, have handpicked 20 of the best based on the following criteria: calibre of content, post frequency, reader interaction, and social influence.

Diane Carbonell

Diane Carbonell uses her personal weight loss story to inspire others to embark on their own journey. Her blog posts alternate between cooking, fitness and weight management. All fulfilling her prevailing philosophy - that weight loss can be achieved against all odds. Diane has lost weight after each of her four pregnancies and is now a proud mum to seven kids. As well as appearing on well-known TV programmes like Dr Oz and the 700 club, she has also published a book called 150 pounds gone forever.

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Tippy Toe Diet

This blog homes in on one important weight loss principle - that incremental lifestyle changes should be favoured instead of major changes. This forms the main part of her tagline -'changing to a healthier lifestyle, one eensy, teensy step at a time,' which permeates through each and every one of her blog posts. A far cry from those 'quick-fix' diets with their implausible promises, Cammy aims to educate her readers by passing on her 'lifestyle' philosophy through her funny and transparent writing style.

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Brooklyn Fit Chick

As the name of this blog suggests, the author, Margo, lives and works in the borough of Brooklyn. Her qualifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training have equipped her with expert knowledge making for top quality tips and interesting insights into the world of fitness.

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Hungry Healthy Happy

Written by Dannii Martin, this blog offers expert information regarding recipes, exercises and advice that should be used by anyone eager to lose weight. Dannii herself has her own weight loss journey to share, as she lost 7 stones from 2007 and has managed her weight effectively ever since. Therefore, you're bound to learn some proven weight loss techniques when reading this blog

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Food Food Body Body

Following a personal weight loss quest, this blog features loads of handy tips and recommendations for the diet enthusiast. The author, who writes under the alias Foodie Mcbody, delves into her emotions, personal secrets and various books that have helped her along her way to losing weight.

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Jags Fitness Blog

Joanne, AKA Jags, started this blog in 2009 to track the various stages of her journey to lose weight. She offers diet tips, product reviews, training advice and plenty of progress pictures. All served together with a dash of personal fervour, these blog posts make for essential reading.

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Prior Fat Girl

The author of this blog, Jen started her weight loss journey in August 2007 and quickly realised that it's not all about dieting; she had to change her lifestyle if she were to achieve her ultimate goals. Her blogposts aim to answer all those frequently answered questions with her own personal touch. One such article, named 'How I stopped binging,' is particularly interesting, illuminating the important decisions required when trying to lose weight.

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This one has more specific information relating to diet, offering those nutritional recipes that are crucial to anyone's weight loss regime. Through her blog, Julie answers questions about the science behind food, preservation techniques and weekly diet plans so that you can lose weight whilst saving time and money.

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Beth is a 29-year-old foodie who, with determination and self-control, lost 90lbs through WeightWatchers. Now a successful leader for the organisation, Beth is equipped to inspire and inform individuals that want to lose weight. Through her blog, she shares healthy recipes, product reviews and her own personal fitness regime.

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No Thanks to Cake

Kelly, the voice behind this blog, offers a wide range of blogposts from healthy recipes to general weight loss tips. Hailing from one of the fittest states in the US, Colorado, her blog takes you through the highs and lows of her weight loss journey and will no doubt give you a wealth of knowledge to take with you on your own weight loss quest.

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Who Ate My Blog

Stephen Vinson weighed in at 45 stone, at his heaviest in 2009, but since then he has lost over 18 stone - a tremendous feat to achieve after just a few years. His blog documents this journey, offering those weight loss secrets while motivating others to reach their personal goals. A truly remarkable blog that embodies the well-known saying, 'it's never too late to change.'

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Sexy Heffer

Specifically focussing on emotional eating and food addiction, this blog follows the life of Sherry (AKA Sexy Heffer) as she struggles with her weight problem. Her candid blogposts recognise the emotions that are often associated with binge eating and provide an exercise planner so you can join Shelly in her weight loss journey.

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Grace got Healthy

Aesthetically pleasing, easy to follow and informative, this blog supplies some tasty and, of course, healthy recipes whilst moving through the weight loss progress of Grace. Her blogposts alternate between fitness advice, diet guidance and motivational tips, all laced with a dash of passion from Grace.

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All the Weigh

This blog is unique in the way it includes an 'ask' section where you can ask anything you like to the blog author, Kenlie. As well as encouraging engagement amongst her readership, Kenlie also provides insights into her fitness regime aswell as delving into the diligence and discipline essential if you want to lose weight.

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Skinny Hollie

Proud 37 year old blogger, Hollie, has a dedicated following of readers who tune in for honest and informative weight loss advice. Her forthright writing style can be both amusing and tough, but there's no doubt that Hollie wants to inspire others to address there weight problems and lead a healthy life.

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Sheryl Yvette

Though her post frequency is relatively low, her mass appeal is what's helped her blog reach our top 20. With a staggering 4 million+ page views, Sheryl's weight loss story is clearly a popular one. She lost over 60 pounds and is now a completely healthy lady. She endeavours to inform and entertain her readers through her unique and, sometimes, neurotic writing style.

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Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

Probably the most engaging blog of the lot, this one tracks the life of Erika, a self admitted emotional eater who had an 'epiphany' when she reached her heaviest weight – 330lbs. She is now a fun-loving personal trainer who wants to educate her readers on various ways to lose weight. From meal plans and fitness regimes all the way through to culture and sex, Erika has all bases covered in her weight loss blog.

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Can You Stay For Dinner

If you need delicious but healthy recipes to add to your current weight loss regime then look no further. This blog supplies you with high-definition pictures and healthy living tips all mixed together to form a visually appealing and thoroughly informative blog.

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It Sux To Be Fat

Many people are reluctant to share the full details of their weight loss story but the author of this blog, Jennifer, is certainly not afraid to put it all out there. Not only does she share each and every weigh in, she also offers her personal thoughts and even hosts giveaways.

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Remember, in addition to the personal viewpoints shared by the bloggers above, HealthExpress can offer advice from a doctor's perspective, tailored to your health needs. For more information and treatment options for weight loss, visit our main website.

Stay tuned to our blog for the next installment in our 'must-read' series, next week we're covering Travel Health Blogs.

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