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Burning Pee-Related Questions: Answered

Published : Friday February 26, 2016 | Posted in : General Health

Peeing - we all do it. In fact, if you can't pee then you are seriously ill and need an ambulance.

Although we all do it, there are some questions many of us would like answered, but don't have the nerve to ask.

Here are the answers to all your pee worries!

How to collect a sample

The doctor tells you to collect a pee sample, perhaps you have hell-burning cystitis or something (more on that later) but how do you actually do it?

The doctor may hand you a pot to pee in if you are lucky. If you are able to hold the pot underneath and pee directly in, well done. Mums are usually good at this because of all the pregnancy testing pee they needed to do, unfortunately after birth the direction is unpredictable. It's good etiquette to wipe the pot over afterwards.

Collect pee mid-flow so that no bacteria from your hands are transferred. If you're doing this at home keep your pee in the fridge, away from the apple juice, for no longer than 24 hours.

Why is my pee a funny colour/smelly?

Two thing to bear in mind, have you eaten asparagus because it makes your pee smell terrible. Also beetroot? You are not haemorrhaging; beetroot stains your pee red. Other culprits are curry, coriander, or lots of cheese.

If your diet is not to blame you could have an infection. Drink lots of water and make an appointment with your GP. Chlamydia can make pee smell odd or go cloudy; if this is the case you'll need to get that sorted with some antibiotics. Get to the clinic or to your doctor quick smart, particularly if you've had unprotected sex.

If your pee smells sweet, it may be a symptom of diabetes. Get that checked out too.

It burns! Why?

Then it's probably cystitis or an STI. Peeing out cranberry sauce with a side-helping of agony is a classic symptom of cystitis. Rough sex and wiping back to front can cause it. Cystitis is sorted out simply with antibiotics, as are STIs such as syphilis and gonorrhoea that can cause burning.

Is 'breaking the seal' real?

Heading off to 'drain the main vein' six times an hour is simply normal if you've been drinking loads. Your bladder needs to get rid of all the excess liquid somehow. You are not a camel. Alcoholic drinks and caffeine are diuretics, which means they draw out more pee, plus if you're thinking about peeing all the time, you will need to go. Come back and read the rest after you've had a pee...

How much should I pee on a normal day?

It all depends on your liquid intake. As long as your pee is a pale straw colour you are hydrated and peeing enough. It varies with individuals.

Peegasm. Real?

Sometimes when you've been holding it for ages, peeing is such a massive relief it feels like an orgasm. Lucky you. It's because the nerves that keep the urethra connected to the spine also link up the clitoris.

Peeing during sex - normal or not?

Bladders are accommodating things, but if they're full and bashed about they will leak. Hey it's better than exploding right? If during sex deep thrusting bashes the bladder walls it may well leak a few drops. Or perhaps that liquid is female ejaculate - but that's a whole other story.

Pee is a good indicator of health. If it changes colour, smells or hurts then something is wrong (unless you've had asparagus and beetroot salad). Head to your doctor for some help, there's no need to suffer.


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