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HealthExpress Guide To April Health Events

Published : Tuesday April 1, 2014 | Posted in : HealthExpress News
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It's 1st April, and therefore time for our monthly look at the health-related campaigns and observances taking place this month. As mentioned in our March Health Events blog, last month was very popular in terms of the number of events going on. April is a little quieter, however there are still some very interesting and important campaigns for you to look out for over the next few weeks. Read on for our selection, and to find out how you can get involved and support these hardworking charities.

IBS Awareness Month (1/4/14 – 30/4/14)

Twitter hashtag: #IBSAwareness

This is a worldwide event, coordinated by the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, or IFFGD. Since 1997, April has been designated as IBS Awareness Month. The campaigners aim to use this event to bring attention to IBS diagnosis, treatment, and issues related to quality of life for those diagnosed with the disorder.

You can find out more about this campaign and IBS by following the above hashtag, or by visiting the IFFGD website where you will find useful resources such as a press release, various downloads and lots of information about the condition.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (1/4/2014 - 30/4/2014)

Twitter hashtag: #BCAwarenessMonth #LiftTheLid

There are various charities supporting this month-long campaign, including Bowel Cancer UK and Beating Bowel Cancer.

Bowel cancer is a condition that many are embarrassed to discuss, and unfortunately this can mean people end up ignoring their symptoms until it is too late. Bowel cancer charities are working to change this by encouraging people to talk about the condition.

To find out how you can get involved, you can visit the Bowel Cancer UK website to order an info pack or to make a donation. Meanwhile Beating Bowel Cancer are running their own campaign called Lift the Lid, which again, aims to encourage people to discuss bowel cancer and it's symptoms with their family and friends.

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week (6/4/2014 - 13/4/2014)

Twitter hashtag: #MaleCancer

Male cancer charity Orchid hold this annual awareness week to draw attention to prostate, testicular and penile cancers. In particular, the fact that early detection, diagnosis and treatment help save lives.

The focus of this year's campaign, the sixth annual event, is testicular cancer. This is the most common cancer found in men aged 15-45, so it's particularly important to raise awareness about the symptoms and warning signs of this condition.

For more information about this campaign, take a look at Orchid's website, where you can find out what they are doing to mark the week and how you can help them out.

Allergy Awareness Week 2014 (28/4/14 – 4/5/14)

Twitter hashtag: #AllergyAwareness #AllergyAwarenessWeek

Allergy UK is behind this campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the difficulties, faced by those who live with allergies. One condition the campaign focuses on is hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. More than 20% of people in the UK suffer from hay fever, and Allergy Awareness Week coincides with the beginning of 'hay fever season.'

Allergy UK also uses the event to draw attention to the detrimental effects allergies can have on people who have asthma or eczema. The symptoms of both these conditions can be triggered or exacerbated by allergens.

To find out more about allergy awareness, visit the Allergy UK website or check out the Twitter hashtags.

Written by Nicola Beckett.
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