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Live Twitter Q & A - What took place?

Published : Wednesday May 22, 2013 | Posted in : HealthExpress News

The May 2013 live Twitter Q&A co-hosted by HealthExpress and UK charity Arthritis Care may be over but judging by the overwhelming response we received during the one-hour chat, we are happy to say that it was a success.

HealthExpress TwitterClinic

Tying in with Arthritis Care Week, this month's theme was 'Arthritis – Something Can Always Be Done'. Recognised as the UK's largest arthritis charity, and respected by their health peers, Arthritis Care campaigns for greater awareness of the needs of everyone with arthritis. Their knowledge and experience combined with our very own chief medical advisor Dr Hilary Jones during the event, proved to be the perfect pairing.

How the public got involved

The public were asked to send in their queries via the following: tweet to the HealthExpress handle, using the event hashtag #askhealthexpress, or emailing in prior to the one-hour discussion. This laid the foundations down for Dr Hilary to answer questions and provide support for many arthritis sufferers nationwide.

What happened during the live event?

With the support of several health organisations we were happy to provide support and give advice to the general public on a number of health issues, in particular arthritis. We know that the general public are willing to talk about their health concerns in the public domain. Below is a cross section of a member of the public putting forth her health queries to Dr Hilary Jones during last Wednesdays live twitter Q&A chat.

HealthExpress and Arthritis Care join forces to co-host the May 2013 live Twitter Q&A.

A tweet from a member of the public raising concerns about the risks of arthritis medication along with subsequent advice from Dr Hilary Jones.

The popularity of online clinics

As patients become further disenfranchised with the traditional health service, due to overcrowded waiting rooms and failure to book an appointment with their local GP, it is not surprising that the public are looking to other mediums for their medical help. Registered online health clinics like HealthExpress deliver a comprehensive medical service, providing patients with support, expert advice, prescription medications, and a discreet & swift service all under the supervision of a registered doctor.

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