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How To Buy Treatment Online

Published : Tuesday January 5, 2016 | Posted in : HealthExpress News

How much do you know about buying medication online?

Lots of people don't even know this is possible, and others may worry that it is unsafe. But as long as you stick to trusted and well-respected websites, you can quickly and discreetly get what you need.

Which Medications Can I Buy Online?

You can buy treatments for many different ailments online. At HealthExpress we provide solutions for various health conditions, such as:

You can also buy treatments for haemorrhoids, hay fever, thrush, cystitis and period-delay. If you're not sure what you need, complete our free, no obligation medical consultation.

Why Buy Medication Online?

There are two main reasons why you might want to buy your medication online.

You're out of time

Getting a doctor's appointment can be a struggle. Either you have to take time off work to attend, or else you can't get a convenient appointment for two weeks. The HealthExpress doctors are online 24/7 and we offer next day delivery when you order before 4pm. So you won't need to argue with a receptionist about whether you are ill enough to merit an appointment, or sit in the surgery with other people's germs. Simply complete our online consultation instead.


We've all been there; an embarrassing problem that you'd rather not talk about. Buying our medication is discreet - it's all done online and the delivery arrives in a plain tamper-proof courier bag. All trustworthy sites selling medication online will respect your privacy. Use the chat option to talk to us if you would like further assurance.

How To Order Medication Online

It's pretty simple; here are the steps.

  • Complete the online consultation form
  • A registered doctor will review it
  • You receive notification that a doctor is happy to prescribe the medication
  • You log in to purchase your treatment
  • Treatment is dispatched from a registered pharmacy

Is It Safe?

Yes - if you stick to the genuine sites you'll be fine. Genuine online pharmacies sell medications that are prescribed by doctors and dispensed from registered pharmacies so the medicines are branded and safe to use.

There are still dodgy sites around despite government crackdowns, so it's important to be aware. Pick your website and tick off these 'must-haves'.

Is there a General Pharmaceutical Council and National Pharmacy Association logo? Genuine sites like HealthExpress are registered with and accredited by these organisations, and therefore comply with UK and European laws governing the sale of prescription medicines.

Look for the green safety bar; this is the top level of security for online retailers. HealthExpress has its green bar in the URL above.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. If a website is offering to sell you a very cheap, generic version of a branded medication without a prescription, log out. Only genuine medications are put through rigorous testing, and in the UK you are legally required to complete a consultation with a registered doctor before being issued with a prescription, so if the website does not require this, it is operating illegally.

Is it a UK based site? Is there a phone number, customer service and online support? Use these features first if you're unsure - test the response until you are happy.

You can also check independent reviews on sites such as Feefo for feedback.

Don't be afraid of buying medication online, just stick with the genuine sites and you'll be right as rain.

For more information about HealthExpress and how we operate, take a look here.

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