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HealthExpress not affected by Johnson and Johnson Cilest recall

Published : Monday June 10, 2013 | Posted in : HealthExpress News
Cilest birth control pill recall

It is understood that Johnson & Johnson have voluntarily recalled approximately 32 million packs of its birth control pill, Cilest, in parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

A spokeswoman for the company, Michelle Romano, informed the public late on Tuesday night that the recall was initiated because an active ingredient in Cilest did not ‘meet the standards’ defined in the product specification during an internal test. Reports by several media sources around Europe suggest that these tests showed one of the two hormones in Cilest to be releasing at a slower rate than intended.

The company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a unit of Johnson and Johnson) assure their customers that ‘product quality and safety remains a top priority,’ and that there is no risk for women who had taken the pill.

Although they have not yet released an official press release, Romano announced that ‘the Cilest recall is at the wholesale and pharmacy level and this is not a patient level recall.’

This means that many pharmacies around Europe have a shortage of the birth control pill and the implications of this have already hit many contraceptive users in Europe, especially Poland.

HealthExpress would like to announce that we are not encountering any problems at all with Cilest. Our pharmacy’s stock has been officially checked and we will not be affected by the recall. The pills remain safe and effective for our patients. So, we are currently prepared for any potential national shortage that may take place.

Though this shortage hasn’t reached the shores of Britain yet, it may do in the near future, so you may want to consider how long your current supply will last. At HealthExpress, you can order up to 6 months worth of tablets so that you can stay prevented from pregnancy throughout any Cilest shortage that may transpire.

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