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December Health Events

With Christmas just around the corner, you might think charities would be winding down to the end of the year, but in actual fact there are several big health campaigns taking place in December. Here at HealthExpress we’d like to pay tribute to the organisations behind each event, who work hard all year to raise awareness and money for their cause. We have highlighted a few events below, however there are always more than we can include in our list so please let us know if you think we have missed one out.

Read on to find out more about each campaign and how you can offer your support.

Diabetes Risk Factors - with HealthExpress – 1/12/13 – 31/12/13

During December HealthExpress are running a campaign which aims to raise awareness of a growing diabetes epidemic in the UK. Our Medical Advisor, Dr Hilary Jones will also be offering his expert advice on what people can do to avoid developing the condition. A recent survey conducted by HealthExpress revealed that a high proportion of British people are at risk of developing diabetes, based on their dietary and exercise habits.

Stay tuned to our blog and social channels to find out more about this campaign when it launches.

World AIDS Day - 1/12/13

The first World AIDS Day was held in 1988 and was the first ever global health day. Worldwide, an estimated 34 million people are now living with HIV.

The charity behind World AIDS Day is the National AIDS Trust. They see the event as an opportunity to encourage people all over the world to unite and show support for those living with the virus, and also commemorate the more than 25 million people who have died from HIV since 1981.

You can find out more about how to get involved on their information page. You can also do a quiz to find out how much you know about HIV. If you would like to raise money for NAT they suggest buying a red ribbon to wear, or holding an event such as a bake sale.

Decembeard – 1/12/13 - 31/12/13

Following on from Movember, if the cold winter weather makes you crave further face protection them you may wish to develop your Mo’ into a beard in the name of charity.

Beating Bowel Cancer, the charity behind the campaign has been around since 1999, with the Decembeard initiative beginning just a couple of years ago. Bowel Cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, and the campaign aims to highlight the warning signs, as the disease is one of the most treatable cancers when diagnosed early.

You can help raise funds by growing a beard or creating beard-themed cakes and other items for sponsorship or sale. Beating Bowel Cancer say their aim is to have 1,000 ‘Beardys’ raise £145,000 for them this year, so why not be one of them?

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - 1/12/13 - 31/12/13

CLIC Sargent is the leading charity supporting children and young people with cancer, and their families, in the UK. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for them to draw attention to the challenges faced by young people with cancer, such as obstacles to their education and lack of information.

CLIC Sargent are launching a Christmas appeal asking for donations to help them support the families of a child with cancer over the festive season, as well as the rest of the year. You can find out more and donate here.

National Anger Awareness Month - 1/12/13 – 31/12/13

This event has expanded from Anger Awareness Week – normally held in the first week of December – in order to support people in the run up to Christmas. The festive season is often seen as a traditionally stressful time for many families. This year The British Association of Anger Management have extended the campaign in order to offer advice and help over the whole festive season.

If you’d like to find out more about this campaign you can visit this page and download a ‘Keep Cool Over Yule’ kit, which contains tips for keeping your Christmas stress-free. You can also do a couple of quizzes to assess your stress and anger levels.

Written by Nicola Beckett.
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