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HealthExpress Corporate Video: Behind The Scenes With Dr Hilary Jones

Published : Friday March 14, 2014 | Posted in : HealthExpress News

Earlier this week, HealthExpress welcomed a film crew into our London office for a video shoot with Dr Hilary Jones.

As our Medical Advisor, Dr Hilary is well placed to represent the brand in our new website welcome video. The purpose of the video is to explain to new patients exactly how the service works.

The day began in the main office, with Dr Hilary talking on camera about the history of HealthExpress and the process of ordering your medication online. During filming, here in the office we had to do our best to ignore the camera and continue working as usual in the presence of a celebrity!

Dr Hilary prepares to read the video script to camera (image copyright Jon Bradley)

A full length shot in the office. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

A quick pose for a photo between takes. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

After a few takes, The crew headed into a private office to shoot a second video. This one was a continuation of our recent Liver Health Q&A series, this time in video format. As we received so many questions from members of the public on this topic, there are still a few that Dr Hilary has not had time to answer yet. The video was a chance to address those questions, so if you haven't seen an answer to your question yet, make sure you check out the video when we post it in a couple of weeks.

The shoot was also an opportunity to highlight some of the most frequently asked questions about liver health. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

Dr Hilary discussing the order of the questions with PR Manager turned Director, Tom. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

The crew then returned to the office to capture some shots of our Customer Service Representatives, hard at work answering your phone calls and emails.

Lining up the shot. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

Focus on the HealthExpress website. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

Last few shots of HealthExpress HQ. (image copyright Jon Bradley)

Stay tuned to our blog and social channels over the next couple of weeks to see how the videos turned out.

Written by Nicola Beckett.
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