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February Health Events

It seems only a few days ago we were preparing our New Year-themed January events blog, yet already here we are in February and looking forward to another selection of upcoming health campaigns.

There is plenty happening this month which you might like to get involved in, so read on to find out what lies ahead and how you can support the organisations who work tirelessly to promote their cause.

Raynaud's Awareness Month: 1/2/14-28/2/14

Throughout February, the Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association will be asking members of the public to 'Get Your Gloves On!' as part of their campaign to highlight these conditions. Raynaud's is a disorder in which small blood vessels in the hands and feet are over-sensitive to temperature changes, while Scleroderma is a less common disease of the immune system. Raynaud's can sometimes be a primary symptom of an underlying condition like Scleroderma.

You can get involved in the campaign by putting up a poster, organising an event such as getting your friends and colleagues to wear gloves for a day, and also by tweeting using the hashtag #getyourgloveson. Take a look at the RSA's site for more information.

World Cancer Day: 4/2/14

World Cancer Day is a global campaign, with events planned in several countries to mark the day. The theme this year is 'debunk the myths', with the aim of reducing the stigma and misunderstanding around cancer. The four main myths identified by the various organisations behind the event are 'we don't need to talk about cancer', 'cancer… there are no signs or symptoms', 'there is nothing I can do about cancer' and 'I don't have the right to cancer care.'

To find out more about this campaign and what you can do to get involved, visit the campaign website. Here you can see a map of events happening worldwide, and check out the 'do something' page for suggestions on activities from putting up a poster to contacting the government on this issue.

Ramp Up The Red: 7/2/14

This is an event organised by the British Heart Foundation to highlight the importance of heart research in the UK. Across the country, millions of people are living with heart disease, from genetic conditions to heart failure. The aim of Ramp Up The Red is to raise awareness about these conditions by inviting the public to dress in red for the day. The campaign site has a number of ideas as to how you might go about this. If you'd prefer to keep it subtle you might just opt for a red pair of shoes, while at the other end of the spectrum, if you feel comfortable enough, you could dress top to toe in red. Either way, this campaign is a easy way to raise money and have fun at the same time.

Here at HealthExpress we are digging out our best red outfits in support of the campaign, so keep an eye out for a few photos on our social media channels!

Valentine's Day (sexual health): 14/2/14

With the big day approaching, HealthExpress will be putting out an article to help ensure that everyone, particularly young people, stays safe this Valentine's Day. As Valentine's falls on a Friday this year, it seems likely that a lot of students and young people will be attending amorously themed events over the weekend. It's very easy to get carried away with the excitement of the celebration, and you may find yourself unprepared during a sexual encounter, putting yourself at risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

HealthExpress have teamed up with various charities and universities in order to promote contraception and safe sex awareness in preparation for Valentine's. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels over the next few days to find out more.

Thinking About Sex Day: 14/2/14

Another well-timed event running on February 14th is Thinking About Sex Day. Behind the provocative title is a campaign that aims to improve sexual health and wellbeing for men and women across the UK.

The Sexual Advice Association, which was set up in 1995, is the charity behind this campaign. They exist to support people with sexual problems and their partners by providing information about sexual disorders and improving public understanding. This event is an opportunity to highlight conditions that can be difficult to talk about, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lack of sex drive. Holding the event on Valentine's Day is an especially effective way to bring these conditions to the public's attention.

If you'd like to support the Sexual Advice Association, take a look at their site where you can read more information or pay an annual subscription to become a 'friend'.

Written by Nicola Beckett.
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