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January Health Events

Happy New Year to all readers of our blog, and welcome to the first HealthExpress health events post of 2014.

As in 2013, there are plenty of charities and organisations running health awareness events throughout the year. We’ll be showing our support for these campaigns over the coming months, so make sure you keep an eye on our blog and social channels for more information.

Read on for our pick of the campaigns coming up in January.

1/1/14 – 31/1/14 – Love Your Liver

This campaign by the British Liver Trust aims to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy liver and what you can do to maintain this. For example, the BLT recommends avoiding alcohol for 2 or 3 days in a row every so often, cutting down on your sugar and fat intake and exercising.

The British Liver Trust will be on the road during January providing pop up liver clinics around the country. You can go along to have your liver scanned and get expert advice on liver health. Last year 22% of people who had a scan during the roadshow showed signs of early liver damage, and were advised to see their doctor for more tests.

Take a look here to find out the dates and locations of the clinics.

If you’d like to support the campaign you can make a donation on the Love Your Liver website or hold an awareness day in your workplace or community. You can also visit for more tips on keeping your liver healthy.


1/1/14 - 31/1/14 – Dryathlon

This is an event to raise funds for Cancer Research UK to help them research and beat cancer. Participants sign up for a ‘dry’ - alcohol-free - January and can fundraise by getting people to sponsor their ‘Dryalthlon’.

You can take part in the event by yourself or as part of a team. Take a look at the Dryathlon information page to find out how you can get involved and create a JustGiving fundraising page.

01/01/14 – Stop Smoking

On the 1st January, many people make New Year’s Resolutions with the aim of improving their health. One popular commitment people make is to quit smoking. Unfortunately giving up cigarettes forever can be very challenging, due to the extremely addictive nature of nicotine. Often willpower alone is not enough to achieve your goal of going smoke free.

HealthExpress has created a free stop-smoking app, which offers you support and advice as you quit, as well as helping you track your progress. The app sends motivational messages to help you stay on track, and you can also find out how much money you have saved since quitting.

You can find out more about the app - Puff Away-Stop Smoking Today – and download it from the App Store or Google Play.

19/1/14 – 25/1/14 – Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Run by the European Cervical Cancer Association, this is a Europe-wide campaign to raise awareness of cervical cancer, it’s causes, symptoms and prevention.

In the UK, the event is supported by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. This year they are running their own campaign called ‘Put Yourself in the Picture’, to encourage women to take up their invitation for cervical screening. In the UK, 20% of women do not attend regular tests, despite the fact that around 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year and the test is the best way to catch the disease early.

If you’d like to get involved with this event, you can visit their information page, which has several examples of how you can help raise awareness of cervical cancer, whether by handing out leaflets or holding an event.

20/1/14 – 26/1/14 – Cancer Talk Week

Cancer Talk Week is a campaign by Macmillan Cancer Support highlighting the importance of talking after a cancer diagnosis. Focussing on families, Macmillan stress that, while they can make all the difference in terms of providing support, relatives can also be the hardest people to talk to about your illness.

Cancer Talk Week is an opportunity for all those affected by cancer to get talking about it. This includes not only patients, but also their partners, families and friends. You can find out more information on the Macmillan website.

During the week-long event, Macmillan will be using the Twitter hashtag #whodoyouturnto, so make sure you include it in your tweets about Cancer Talk Week.

Written by Nicola Beckett.
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