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LabsDirect - New Look, New Tests

This week sees the launch of the new-look LabsDirect site, but it’s not just the site that got a make-over, we also have a massive range of new tests available. Apart from our STI tests, we now include DNA, STI, health, allergy and rapid diagnostic tests, all still offering the same trusted results and confidentiality that you’ve come to expect from us. Most of our tests are still analysed by a laboratory, but our rapid diagnostic tests, which are all MHRA compliant, can provide you a quick and reliable result when you need it.

How we work

If you’ve never ordered anything from LabsDirect, you are probably wondering how we work and what our service includes. Well above all, our aim is to allow all our patients to get tested for a number of conditions, without having to visit a clinic, but we also understand that there is, most importantly, the need for confidentiality and reliable results, which is why we only work with accredited laboratories. All our tests are supplied and analysed by working laboratories, apart from our rapid diagnostic tests. So when you order a test, you don’t just get a test kit, you get the services of an accredited laboratory and support from our dedicated team of medically trained patient support staff.

Our lab testing service:

Step 1: Complete an online order for the test kit you want

Step 2: Test is dispatched

Step 3: Collect a sample at home

Step 4: Return the test to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope we provided

Step 5: As soon as your results are ready, you’ll be notified via email and you can log-on to our secure membership area to view your test results

Rapid diagnostic test service:

Step 1: Complete an online order for the test kit you want

Step 2: Test is dispatched

Step 3: Collect a sample at home and wait for diagnosis


This section includes the following tests:

  • Paternity DNA Test
  • Maternity DNA Test
  • Siblingship DNA Test
  • Y-STR Male Lineage DNA Test
  • X-SV Female Lineage DNA Test
  • Twin Zygosity DNA Test
  • Grandparent DNA Test
  • Avuncular DNA Test
  • DNA Identification Profiling Test
  • Ancestral Origins Test

The majority of these tests are available in a court approved format upon request. This means that you can purchase a test and have your doctor collect a sample instead of you collecting a sample on your own. However you can also simply request a test for your own piece of mind, for which you can collect a sample at home without the help of a medical professional. However, with any kind of DNA testing we recommend that you speak to a counsellor if you need to.


These are the allergy tests now available:

  • Food Allergy Test
  • Inhaled Allergy Test
  • Cerascreen Food Intolerance Test
  • 120 Food Intolerance Test

These tests are mostly blood tests that are designed to provide an indication of which foods or other substances you are intolerant off so that they can be avoided.

Health Tests

These tests are all laboratory based tests that can provide you with an accurate indication of whether you suffer from various conditions. The tests that are available are the:

  • Anaemia Test
  • Arthritis Test
  • Osteoporosis Test
  • Thyroid Test

It’s always important to go to your doctor if you think that there might be something seriously wrong with your body, but these laboratory tests can provide preliminary results to help point you in the right direction.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Rapid diagnostic tests are designed to provide an almost immediate diagnosis, and don’t have to be returned to our laboratory for analysis. They include:

  • Pregnancy Test
  • Ovulation Test
  • Menopause Test
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Diabetes Test
  • Family Health Screening
  • Meningitis Emergency
  • Alcohol Screening
  • Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure Monitor

These tests can provide a quick result when it’s most needed to monitor an existing condition.

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