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Love Your Liver Q&A Video With Dr Hilary Jones: Part 4

Published : Monday April 28, 2014 | Posted in : HealthExpress News

Following on from our live liver health Q&A with Dr Hilary Jones a few months ago, HealthExpress created a number of videos based on some of the best questions we received from members of the public.

The topics covered ranged from tattoos and diabetes to liver transplants and hemochromatosis. Hopefully you've already managed to catch the previous videos in this series, but if not, you can find them at the links below.

Alcohol consumption was one of the most frequently raised issues, with concerns raised over how much is safe to drink and how liver damage can be prevented or reversed.

In part 4, Dr Hilary responds to the following question:

Q: 'I never get drunk, but I do drink a bottle of wine most nights once I've got the kids to bed. Am I at risk of liver disease?'

Dr Hilary: it's very tempting to relax with a bottle of wine in the peace and quiet at the end of a long day when the children have gone to bed, I know. However, regularly drinking more than the recommended daily limit certainly risks damaging your health…'

To hear Dr Hilary's full answer, watch the video below.

Thank you for all your questions on liver health. There are several more videos to come in this series, so keep an eye on our blog and social channels to see if your question is featured.

Watch the previous parts here:

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For more information on keeping your liver healthy, visit the British Liver Trust website.

Written by Nicola Beckett.

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