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8 Erection Boosting Foods

Published : Wednesday February 24, 2016 | Posted in : Men's Health

As long as you have no circulatory problems or issues with your health, an erection should happen naturally when you are sexually aroused. However, if you are struggling to achieve or maintain erections on a regular basis, it might be time to review your lifestyle to determine if your potency problems could be improved.

According to the Sexual Dysfunction Association, erectile dysfunction affects around 2.3 million UK men. The condition is often linked with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, among other health problems.

The good news is that making a few changes to what you eat can promote cardiovascular health, and healthy blood flow may improve your performance in the bedroom as well. Read on to find out about eight circulation-boosting foods that you may like to incorporate into your diet.

1) Oats are excellent for keeping blood sugar stable throughout the day and maintaining cholesterol levels. Oat porridge is a good breakfast choice for people with Type 2 diabetes or anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood sugar.

2) Blueberries are excellent for improving circulation as they're loaded with soluble fibre, which pushes cholesterol through the digestive system meaning it can be more easily broken down and absorbed rather than building up in the arteries. These berries are also high in antioxidants and various compounds that can help to relax blood vessels and this ultimately improves circulation to every part of the body.

3) Peanuts contain L-arginine, a naturally rich source of amino acid that can help increase sexual stamina. L-arginine has also been found to boost blood flow to the penis.

4) Walnuts are high in arginine, an amino acid used to produce nitric oxide in the body. Studies have suggested that blood pressure can be reduced by 10 points by eating 6-8 walnuts and this has an excellent impact on boosting erectile function.

5) Bananas are a great source of B vitamins and also contain an enzyme known as bromelain, which can increase libido and energy levels during sexual activity.

6) Garlic is great for boosting testosterone, the hormone that triggers erections. Studies have shown that garlic can lower blood pressure in humans more effectively than drugs and has been shown to increase blood flow in the calf muscles by more than 15%.

7) Pomegranates have many healing and therapeutic effects on the body. They can increase nitric oxide production dramatically and have been shown to boost testosterone levels. An Israeli study into the effects of long-term consumption suggested that regularly eating the fruit can drop blood pressure and boost a man's ability to get an erection.

8) Spinach is full of natural nitrates and these convert into nitric oxide, widening the arteries and acting as natural steroids to boost testosterone in the body. It is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, essential for testosterone production.

If you've tried all these foods and have not seen any improvements, speak to your GP about the issue, as they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

If you'd rather not talk to a doctor, you can obtain prescription ED treatments on the web via a trusted online pharmacy. Viagra is still a popular choice, but there are many other options available.

Aside from medication, treatment options for ED include penis pumps, counselling and testosterone replacement therapy, but it's a good idea to speak to a doctor before taking action.

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