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Impotence – Do men still find the condition embarrassing?

Published : Friday February 1, 2013 | Posted in : Men's Health
Male impotence

Although male sexual related conditions such as impotence are common and can affect men of all ages, the reality is that many men place huge expectations on themselves in regards to their sexual abilities. Hence a new study, reported in the Daily Mail, shows that many men often give excuses to avoid sex with their partner to hide their erectile dysfunction. It seems that, despite it being recognised as a health condition, many men still feel embarrassed when it comes to the issue of impotence.


Impotence is a male sexual disorder characterised by the inability of a man to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for him to attain or complete satisfactory sexual intercourse. For a lot of men this may happen once in a while, which is perfectly normal. However, should it start to become more frequent, then this might be a sign that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The causes

Impotence or erectile dysfunction could be the result of either physical or psychological causes. If you wake up with an erection, your condition may be related to psychological issues such as anxiety, guilt and exhaustion. If you do not wake up with an erection it is likely that physical causes are to blame, and these might actually by a sign of serious underling health issues, such as atherosclerosis.

Talking about the condition

Despite the fact that more men are generally accepting that impotence is a health issue, the condition can still lead to feelings of embarrassment and anxiety. This notion of embarrassment is further exemplified in the study which showed that 21% of men still did not feel comfortable talking to anybody about the problem. Due to the various and effective prescription impotence treatments that are available, this statistic is quite worrying, as although impotence can be a result of psychological issues such as anxiety, it can also be linked to serious underlying health problems.

Avoiding sex

The study mentions that 60% of men have given their partners a number of excuses ranging from blaming the weather to claiming that they are not in the mood just to avoid sex, rather than admit they may be suffering with the condition. This shows that the stigma of impotence is still present.

Impotence awareness

It seems that the stigma linked with impotence and erectile dysfunction may be down to the fact that many men regard the condition as an embarrassing problem rather than a medical condition. If more men are willing to look at impotence as a health condition that requires treatment rather than a taboo problem that signifies decreased masculinity, such a belief I think would go a long way to bringing more men forward and getting the treatment they need. And more importantly getting their confidence back.

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