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Movember: Are you getting involved?

Published : Friday November 2, 2012 | Posted in : Men's Health

Update: The Movember gallery is now live! View and vote here

This week marks the start of an extremely fun, but also highly important month in the men's health calendar – Movember. Here at HealthExpress, we are huge supporters of the charity as not only is it a great event to take part in, it also raises much needed awareness for men's health issues, something that in the past has been very much under the radar.

This year, we are doing our bit for Movember by offering men taking part the chance to win an iPad mini!

How to get involved

For the month of November we will regularly be tweeting about the campaign and showcasing some of the moustaches from our office and those of our followers. If you're keen to take part then register at Movember UK and start growing your 'tache!

Just in case you need any more mo'tivation, we are running a contest for anyone taking part in Movember, giving them the opportunity to win an iPad mini just by showing off their moustache!

To take part, all you need to do is send us a picture of your moustache via email or by tweet. We'll display all the photos we receive right here on this blog in the form of a gallery, and give our readers the chance to vote on their favourites. The winner will be the person who receives the most votes.

Email your photos to Alternatively, you can find us on Twitter: @HealthExpress

The premise

Movember was dreamt up by group of guys in Melbourne in 2003, and since then has grown to become a truly global movement, inspiring more than 1.9m people (also known as 'Mo Bro's' and 'Mo Sister's') to participate and raise awareness of men's health issues around the world. If you have not heard of Movember before, the premise is simple. Throughout the month of November, men across the world are asked to refrain from shaving their upper lip so that by the time 30th November comes around there will be moustache laden faces everywhere we turn. The organisers describe the moustache as a 'walking billboard for men's health issues' and it obviously works; last year, more than £79.3m was raised for men's health charities.

Men's health statistics

Despite its humorous elements, Movember carries an extremely important message and works tirelessly on raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancers. The figures are truly shocking: more than 40,000 are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and over 2,000 men with testicular cancer, according to Cancer Research UK. Medical professionals are in agreement that these figures are so high due to men's attitudes on their health. Many will ignore ill health and refuse to seek medical advice – which adds up when the average life expectancy for men is five years less than females. Movember is hoping that by dedicating the month of November to men's health issues, it will raise awareness of cancer but also make a significant dent in these figures.

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