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Is your penis normal? – Why size doesn't matter

Published : Tuesday March 3, 2015 | Posted in : Men's Health
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It has been a constant speculation for men all over the world, but according to the Daily Mail, it now seems that scientists have confirmed what the average penis size is. The study, carried out by British researchers, found that the average penis size for a man is 13.12 cm (5.2 inches). Whereas the average size for a flaccid penis is 9.16cm (3.6 inches). The questions is will these new findings console men who are worried about their penis size, or by talking about what the average size is for a man, will further perpetuate that size is aesthetically important.

Does size really matter?

All men have at some stage in their lives worried about their size of their manhood. Furthermore many men fear that their penis size is somehow intrinsically linked with the quality of their sex life with their partner. So much so is that a study in according to a large research study carried out by the University of Pittsburgh in the USA, 26% of people thought their penis size was below average, when in actual fact only 5% of them actually were.

It's what you do with it that counts

A recent British study also concluded that women were satisfied with their partner's manhood. Likewise previous discussions have confirmed that penis size has little to do with sexual performance, and does not necessary equal to a better orgasm. It is always worth remembering that the best sex is usually when there are genuine feelings. When emotions are present in a relationship, the size of your penis will play no part in the quality and intensity in the bedroom.

Size will not lead to the big 'O'

Contrary to what many men believe, the bigger the size of your penis is, has nothing to do with the size of your partner's orgasm. It is well known that many women do not experience an orgasm from penetrative sex and instead are more likely to experience the big 'O' through other means of stimulation such as foreplay. The truth is, your hands may play a bigger part then your penis.

For some men worrying about how well endowed they are often leads to distress and anxiety. In severe cases this could cause performance anxiety in the bedroom, such as erection problems. It is important to know that penises come in different sizes, and shapes and the right size penis clearly does not exist. The most important criteria for a fulfilling sex life is to understand your partner's needs and vice versa, and remember that it's quality over quantity.

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