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Asthma Patients Unaware Of Risks

Published : Friday May 4, 2012 | Posted in : News

A third of all asthma patients in the UK are at risk of suffering from a fatal attack, according to research which surveyed almost 25,000 people with the disease. Half of the people most at risk were unaware of the danger which an asthma attack could carry.

These statistics were the conclusion of the charity Asthma UK launching an online survey in order to gauge asthma sufferers’ view of their own conditions. This showed that less than half of the people at risk thought that they were in danger of suffering from a serious attack.

Around 75% of asthma-related hospital admissions are avoidable, claims the charity, saying that the study showed that a worrying number of people were unaware of the severity of their condition and therefore were not being treated adequately.

The Triple A (Avoid Asthma Attack) Test was applied to nearly 25,000 people in order to reach these figures. Despite only 55% of the respondents thinking that they were not at risk, the results to the questionnaire showed that 93% were in fact at increased risk.

The danger for asthma sufferers is that if the condition is not managed appropriately with medication, they could suffer from an attack which can cause severe breathing impediments due to the swelling and irritation of the airways. These attacks – if left untreated – can lead to hospitalisation and death.

Three people die of asthma every day, and Neil Churchill of Asthma UK said: “It's vitally important people understand their asthma and crucial that they are supported by healthcare professionals who can help them to reduce their risk."

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