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Britain celebrates No Smoking Day on Wednesday

Published : Monday March 8, 2010 | Posted in : News

It is being billed as the UK’s largest mass attempt to quit smoking. But will people actually give up on National No Smoking Day, March 10th?

In light of the facts, it would be easy to be cynical. Huge numbers of people in Britain still smoke, and it remains the leading cause of preventable death.

At the same time, many health experts are claiming that there is a silver lining on the horizon.

The popularity of smoking has dwindled since the smoking ban came into force in 2007. Indeed by one year after the ban came into place, smoking levels dropped by 3 million.

With the government now rolling out a new anti-smoking drive, to cut smoking levels in half, the anti-smoking ball is certainly rolling and is seemingly gathering steam as it goes.

The organisers of No Smoking day, which is marking its 27th annual campaign this year, are hopeful that they can contribute to the air of positivity. Each year, almost one million smokers quit on No Smoking Day. Last year women responded particularly well, with around 366,000 reporting that they quit smoking on the day.

So what are the top tips for giving up on No Smoking Day? The organisers recommend finding a buddy who also wants to quit smoking. Throwing away ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes is a good idea to reduce the likeliness that you’ll be tempted, while Nicotine patches and gum can help ease the route to quitting. Keeping track of your money (to make yourself feel good about how much you are saving) is also a great tactic.

Numerous events are happening to coincide with No Smoking Day. See the campaigns website to find out what is going on near you. And if you are thinking about quitting, just remember that you will not be alone: if the organisers are right, about 999,000 other people will be doing the same thing.

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