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Britain rejects a labour majority leaving Brown impotent

Published : Friday May 7, 2010 | Posted in : News

With Britain on the verge of its first hung parliament in 40 years, Gordon Brown has quite arguably been rejected by much of Britain, rendering the Labour party somewhat impotent in power.

After having been branded ‘disgraceful’ for requesting talks in a vain attempt to hang on to power, voters have been left somewhat bemused given his clear impotence in clout and influence in recent months.

Opposing Tory Minister; David Cameron has also spoken out regarding Labour’s impotence, claiming it has “lost its mandate to run the country” Whilst Brown feels it is his “duty to continue”.

Thrashing it out

The shock results will surely signal the start of a power struggle with talks being thrashed out well into next week. Brown was also slammed for returning to Downing Street this morning despite his rejection from voters. The Conservatives had also been on course to obtaining a greater number of seats in the ballot for 80 years.

Speaking at his Witney constituency, the Tory head said: "what’s clear from these results is that the country wants change. That change is going to require new leadership and we will stand ready to do all we can to help bring that leadership." - The Sun, 10


Unlike the 40% of the male population suffering with impotence here in the UK, Brown is arguably without hope and despite a lack of success for the so called ‘cleggmania’ followers on the night, it would seem Brown has lost out.

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