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Can't wait until launch of Priligy? Try Emile Heskey

Published : Tuesday April 27, 2010 | Posted in : News

For the 40% of men who suffer with premature ejaculation, sex can often prove problematic but according to a recent poll, there’s a novel treatment out there, and no, it isn’t in pill form. A lotion? No. A spray? No. An England striker? Well…. Yes.

We would imagine that you’re quite perplexed by this point but a study of men has recently revealed that they think of England and Aston Villa front man Emile Heskey to avoid taking an early bath in the bedroom. We appreciate this is ironic given that Emile never seems to be able to finish anything on the field, but men across the UK really are claiming that he prevents them from shooting prematurely themselves.

Other methods used included the naming of the entire Arsenal Squad and attempting to work out what the Terminator Film series was even about.

The news comes on the day of the reported approval of the cutting edge premature ejaculation treatment, Priligy in The UK, a pill proven to allow men to last 3 times as long in bed.

What is Priligy and how can it be obtained?

Priligy is a proven treatment manufactured for men who suffer with premature ejaculation. Designed to be taken 3 hours prior to sex, it has been shown to prolong intercourse three fold. It is on the verge of being approved in the UK after being well received across Europe.

Safety first

It is of vital importance that a prospective buyer of any type of premature ejaculation treatment online, conducts adequate research beforehand be it speaking with a health professional or a doctor, to checking that the website has legitimate contact details and use registered pharmacists.

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