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Erectile dysfunction ad shocks Saudis

Published : Wednesday September 8, 2010 | Posted in : News

A television advert for an anti-erectile dysfunction treatment has stunned Saudi Arabian viewers.

The ad was broadcast on a state-run channel, and showed a 20 second long scene involving a family. A father wearing a traditional Middle Eastern headdress returned home to his wife and children, before his wife whispers to him: "They've finished all their chores, and you... don't forget your chore." The couple then slip towards the bedroom and the slogan "Snafi - it does the job" appears on screen.

Cultural sensitivities

Cultural sensitivities about the open discussion of sexual issues left many viewer shocked by the erectile dysfunction treatment ad. Broadcasting Channel One was reportedly inundated with complaints, according to The Daily Mail. One viewer apparently texted in that they "couldn't believe" the station would show such a commercial.

35 hour effect

Snafi promises users 35 hours of stiffness, and works because of its active ingredient Tadalafil - the same that is found in popular erectile dysfunction drug Cialis. Snafi is said to be the first anti-erectile dysfunction drug aimed specially at the Gulf Co-Operation Council market (the GCC is a loose political and economic alliance made up of six Gulf states).

The erectile dysfunction treatment market now contains a variety of options for men. The latest of these is a new dissolvable formation of erectile dysfunction pill Levitra, which has just been approved by the European Union. Levitra Orodispersable is expected to be released in Europe later on this year. Manufacturers Bayer say it will offer a more discreet and convinient way for men to overcome erectile dysfunction.

If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction, a problem that 1 in 2 men over the age of 40 suffer from, speak to your doctor about possible solutions.

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