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Don’t become a statistic, be a reformer in the fight against obesity

Published : Tuesday November 1, 2011 | Posted in : News

Obesity is emerging as the biggest threat to human health causing alarming concern amongst both developed and developing nations. The good news is that the fight against obesity can be fought and won at an individual level. The views have been presented by life and health writer Alice Abler in the current health news report titled "Obesity: An Ounce of Prevention".

By presenting key statistics the report portrays how obesity rates are soaring particularly in the western world and calls the public to action before the growth of obesity careers out of control and causes alarming damage to human race.

The author cites the dismal statistics estimated by The International Obesity Task Force (IOTF): “300 million people around the world are obese. The task force's conservative estimates suggest that obesity levels will continue to rise in the early 21st century—with severe health consequences.” The author further raises alarm by quoting the American Medical Associations claims that obesity kills more Americans every year than AIDS, all cancers and all accidents combined.

The thought provoking health news report further discusses the paradox between obesity rates as a major social issue and how each individual holds a personal key to reversing these unhealthy statistics. The author states that each of us can flex our power on an individual level by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Quoting Benjamin Franklin’s famous words, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", Vision emphasizes the need to educate and prepare the next generation to take care of their health and ensure they understand the value of maintaining a healthy weight.

The report also emphasizes on the important role of parents in setting an example of good health among children and instilling in their minds that long-term healthy weight is a result of healthy eating and healthy activity. The author suggests the family unit is the ideal training ground for children and that teaching them about health is of primary importance. The obesity rates of the future, whether disturbingly high or comfortably low, hinge upon what we model for our children today.

Offering methods of reducing obesity at an individual level,'s report includes practical tips for busy families trying to stay healthy. The weight loss tips are presented along with fast-to-prepare healthy meal ideas that can help families avoid the traps of fast food and prepared foods quickly when time is short.

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