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Impotence? There’s an app for that

Published : Thursday June 24, 2010 | Posted in : News

It seems like there is a mobile phone application for everything these days – even impotence.

Browsing the Apple app store you can now find the Sex Drive Up app. This gizmo claims to send your libido through the roof. But reading its description, whether it actually works would seem doubtful.

The creators of the app claim that after using it for just 20 days, your sex drive will be boosted dramatically. They say that hundreds of men have already had their sex lives lifted and insist that the success rate has been over 70%. As to whether this is really a huge leap forward for science, or just an attempt to make money out of men who have erectile problems, is yet to be seen.

The app is one of a number of curious ‘treatments’ for impotence that have appeared in recent years. Two authors have claimed that celery can have the same impact on your love-life as Viagra, because it contains a steroid called androstenone, which gives off a sex scent that makes men seem more attractive. Meanwhile the Argentinean president, Christina Fernandez, sparked controversy and a few laughs too when she claimed that pork is a tastier, but similarly libido-enhancing, alternative to Viagra.

A restaurant in New York is even serving up ‘Viagra soup’, a dish that is stuffed full of aphrodisiacs.

Among all the weird and wonderful impotence treatments that are out there, it is safe to say that Viagra and Cialis have been successful. Since Viagra first arrived on the market in the 1990s, these two drugs have sold billions of dollars worth of pills worldwide. Unless the Sex Drive Up app proves it can beat the effects of these drugs, the success of Viagra is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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