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Impotent Vietnam vets compensated

Published : Thursday September 9, 2010 | Posted in : News

Impotent veterans from America's war against Vietnam are being compensated because of a possible link to Agent Orange.

Agent Orange was a pesticide and defoliant used by the US military to destroy large areas of forest, in order to deprive guerilla soldiers of shelter and food. The chemical has since been blamed for causing birth defects in children, deformities in adults and numerous health problems including diabetes for veterans of the war. It has also been suggested that the chemical causes impotence.

Tens of thousands of vets who suffer problems like diabetes and impotence, possibly because of Agent Orange, are now being compensated by the American taxpayer.

Benefits for impotent vets

Some believe there is little evidence that Agent Orange causes men to become impotent, Associated Press reports. Yet one public health expert said the government still needed to "bend over backwards" to help veterans with their ailments.

The Department of Veteran Affairs state that: "When loss or loss of use of a creative organ resulted from wounds or other trauma sustained in service, or resulted from operations in service for the relief of other conditions, the creative organ becoming incidentally involved, benefit may be granted."

Impotent vets are using this clause to access treatment benefits.

Impotent teachers

Impotent teachers in America have recently been in a dispute over compensation. A teaching union in Milwaukee has asked the school board there to include erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in its school insurance plan.

The union has argued that impotent teachers should not be neglected, since impotence is a serious condition, and can be linked to heart attacks and diabetes. However, the school board has said that paying for Viagra would be a “burden” on their budget.

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